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Today SW-MOTECH is among the worldwide leading suppliers of motorcycle accessories and exports its products to more than 65 countries.

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More than 400 heads behind the brand

In 1994 mechanical engineer Jürgen Swora built a tail tank for his Africa Twin to be ready for a motorcycle tour together with his friend Jörg Diehl to Libya. Many motorcyclists were interested in the tank. And so a dream trip was made a reality and a business idea was born in North Africa. Together with Kai Jockel the two founded their company in 1999.

SW-MOTECH stood for competence in metalworking, for the first removable carrier in the world, for crash bars, for centerstands. Together with Achim Kessler, soft luggage specialist and founder of the company BAGS-CONNECTION, the idea came about for the tank ring and attachment of tank bags using the popular QUICK-LOCK feature. The success laid the cornerstone for the later merger of the two companies. More on the history.

A great deal has happened in more than 20 years. Nowadays more than 400 people bring their technical know-how and passion to the development, production and distribution of premium accessories. But one thing hasn't changed: at SW-MOTECH a passion for motorcycles unites.

Jörg Diehl
Kai Jockel
Jürgen Swora
Achim Kessler