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Today SW-MOTECH is among the worldwide leading suppliers of motorcycle accessories and exports its products to more than 65 countries.

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Core Competencies

Experience, love for detail & modern technologies

When enthusiastic motorcyclists are in the factory, premium accessories that not only look good but also prove themselves in everyday driving are the result. More than 20 years of experience feeds into the development of new products - only innovative ideas, precise construction directly on the motorcycle, the selection of the right materials and high-quality workmanship guarantee the best fit, ease of use, driving comfort and longtime driving pleasure. This competence is appreciated by our partners in the motorcycle industry - we oversee the production of proprietary parts from the first idea to the finished product.

Made in Germany

With investments in the expansion of the production and logistics capacities at the German headquarters, we are reacting to the dynamic of the market and the worldwide increasing demand for high-quality motorcycle accessories. "Engineered in Germany" is no empty phrase. Our products are developed, tested in and shipped from Germany and therefore the popular TRAX aluminum cases, for example, are assembled in Rauschenberg before each case is tested individually for its water tightness and production quality. Right next to the case manufacturing plant is the newly built bench seat saddlery, where seats are individually modified by a master hand according to customer specifications.

Precision from passion

Each motorcycle has its own character - we take this into consideration in product development which guarantees the best fit and attractive design. In the production facility in the Czech town of Vojkovice we rely on computerized process chains and state-of-the-art production processes like CNC tube bending, edging and milling as well as CMT welding, pressing, punch rivet technology and surface finishing with powder coating and anodizing.

Premium hard parts are created only through the interplay of years of experience, development directly on the motorcycle and use of modern technologies.

Good partners for the best quality

Absolute practicality and high-quality workmanship are always a focus for us. In order to be able to guarantee this with our soft luggage, we selected the production facilities for our textile products carefully.

Among other things we rely on the longtime and proven partnership with Bags Connection Vietnam, which is specialized in modern technologies and the processing of different fabrics. With a lot of love for well thought-out details, the bags are drawn up by designers and textile engineers in Rauschenberg and then the first prototypes are produced in close cooperation with the partner companies. Only when these satisfy our high quality expectations does mass production begin and is the product up for sale.