Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • General questions
    • Vehicle Type Approval
      • Why do some products come with a Vehicle Type Approval?

          Using vehicle accessories while driving on the road sometimes requires a Vehicle Type Approval. With regards to our catalog, this mainly relates to all bar risers, shift bars and mounts, mirror extensions, foot pegs, and centerstands. For these products, we apply for Vehicle Type Approval from the Federal Motor Transport Authority in advance - as far in advance as possible so that we can ensure a good rapport between user benefits and installation costs. As such, our Vehicle Type Approvals are continuously being extended; current status is provided as a symbol on the product in the online shop.

          • ABE in Vorbereitung Vehicle Type Approval in progress
          • ABE vorhanden Available Vehicle Type Approval


          If there is no Vehicle Type Approval available, it's often possible to have accessories certified by TÜV or Dekra. For this reason, we make our Vehicle Type Approval documents as well as, upon request, material appraisals available to you.

      • Where can I find the Vehicle Type Approval stamp on my bar riser/shift bar?

          JDepending on which product you use, the Vehicle Type Approval stamp is located in different places. The illustration shows examples of where the Federal Motor Transport Authority number may be printed. For older products, the identifier may not have been stamped, but was glued with a special film. 

      • Why do you specify a speed limit and permissible total load for many luggage systems?

          For many luggage systems, we specify a speed limit of 130 km/h and a maximum permissible total load. There are technical, legal and driving performance-related reasons for this:

          The specified load limit for our luggage is determined on one hand by manufacturer information regarding load capacity and resilience of the frame tail, on the other hand, by how many mounting points can be used.

          In Germany, moreover, partial liability of all parties involved is applicable in the case of accidents involving a speed of more than 130 km/h. For this reason, we have included this speed limit in our product notes.

          In any case, do keep in mind that the handling attributes of your motorcycle will change as a result of adding luggage solutions. The changes increase with higher speed and higher loads - regardless of whether the function of our luggage solutions is provided under these conditions.

    • Screws: steel vs. stainless steel
      • Why do you generally not use stainless steel screws?

          The simple reason behind this is that stainless steel screws offer a maximum strength class of 8.8, but in many cases we need a strength class of 10.9 or higher. In addition, stainless steel screws only remain stainless as long as they are processed together with other precious metals. As soon as a stainless steel screw is used in conjunction with normal ST37 steel, it may also start to rust. For these reasons, we usually use steel screws that are surface-treated to protect against corrosion. Due to the high customer demand, we plan on using stainless steel screws for some components in the future, even if they offer no concrete technical advantage.

    • Materials
      • 1680D Ballistic Nylon

          This tough polyamide fabric was formerly used in the manufacture of flak jackets. Polyamide fibers are very abrasion resistant and durable. At the same time they are light and elastic. 1680D denotes the yarn weight: it corresponds to 1680 grams per 9000 meters of yarn. The abbreviation D stands for the unit of measurement denier. It originates from the French silk industry of the 19th century and is still used today for calculating the yarn weight of ladies' tights. For comparison, opaque tights have a value of 50 D.

      • ABS plastic

          ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene: This plastic is very light and yet break-resistant. The surface is scratch and impact resistant. A well-known example of the durability of ABS is the LEGO brick. We use ABS for the production of our side cases of the URBAN ABS and AERO ABS series.

      • EVA plastic

          EVA stands for ethylene vinyl acetate. This firm plastic foam is very easy to press into molds and yet remains elastic. The material is highly resistant to abrasion, tearing and impact and is suitable for the production of shoe soles, cable sheathing and for ice cube containers. We use EVA to give shape to the lids and sidewalls of many PRO tank bags and tail bags.

      • Hypalon

          The chemical name of this material is chlorosulfate polyethylene or CSM for short). The name 'Hypalon' is a trademark designation of the DuPont company. Although DuPont has not manufactured Hypalon since 2010, the name has persisted as a designation for CSM. That is why we continue to use this term for the material from which the MOLLE attachments of our tank bags and tail bags are made.
          Hypalon is characterized by high tensile strength as well as high UV, temperature and aging resistance. The MOLLE attachments made of Hypalon are very stable and are very well suited for the attachment of additional bags with loops and adapters such as the T-Lock. Because it is very non-slip and grippy even when wet, CSM is often used for inflatable boat construction.

      • PA plastic

          PA stands for polyamide. We use polyamide fibers to make the fabrics for our bags. Polyamide fibers are very abrasion resistant and durable. They are also elastic and lightweight. That's why we also make most of the webbing for our bags from polyamide fibers. Tennis racket strings and fishing lines are also made from this durable material.
          In combination with glass fibers, we use polyamide for the production of our tank rings and crash pads. The material, called PA6 GF30, is a plastic with a glass fiber content of 30 percent. Fiber composites are also used in the manufacture of dowels and unbreakable household items such as bowls or ladles.

      • PES plastic

          PES stands for polyester. The material is highly UV and weather resistant, abrasion and tear resistant, and at the same time soft. In combination with a coating of PVC it is completely waterproof. We use polyester fabric with a thickness of 500D for our drybags. Truck tarpaulins are made of 1000D fabric. Polyester became famous in the 1970's as a wrinkle and iron resistant fabric for shirts and suits, which were then presentable, but their owners also needed a lot of deodorant because of the fabric's lack of breathability.

      • PVC coating

          PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. The material is very light and weather resistant and flexible. The coating makes the polyester fabric completely waterproof. We use PVC coating for our waterproof bags from the Drybag series. The material is very versatile: it is used to make records, sewage pipes and flooring, among other things.

      • PU coating

          PU stands for polyurethane. It is highly water-repellent, abrasion- and kink-resistant and was developed in the 1930s by Otto Bayer in Leverkusen. The versatile PU is used to make cleaning sponges, dashboards, bowling balls, condoms and coatings.
          In liquid form, the polyurethane is applied to textiles, for example in outdoor clothing. This can make fabrics highly water-repellent or completely waterproof, depending on the amount applied. At the same time, the coated fabric remains flexible. We use the single-coated / double-coated PU coating for the inside of our Ballistic Nylon bags, so that the contents are well protected from moisture penetration. Our waterproof inner bags are coated on the inside with PU and the seams are taped.

      • TPE plastic

          TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomers. It is soft like rubber and can be molded into solid shapes when heat is applied. Instrument panels in vehicle construction, cable sheathing and yoga mats are made of TPE. Because of its strong damping properties, we use TPE in combination with glass-fiber-reinforced polyamide for our axle crash pads.

      • TPU plastic

          TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane. The material is highly resistant to abrasion and tearing and is resistant to oils, greases and many solvents. Therefore, it is used in vehicle construction for seals and piping. Shoe soles and cell phone covers are also made of TPU. SW-MOTECH manufactures the waterproof tank bags from this material, because the individual bag parts can be welded together. This avoids damage to the material by needle punctures, which would occur during sewing and would be possible entry points for moisture.

    • Shipping costs
    • International orders online
      • Can I also order directly from the online shop if I live outside of Germany?

          Please keep in mind that our online store only accepts direct orders from Andorra, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Greenland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein , Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Macedonia, Monaco, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus. Customers from other countries can use the multilingual shop for the product research, but in order to place an actual order we ask you to contact our partners in your respective country.It is possible for the final price for an international delivery – depending on tax and/or customs regulations – differs from the amount displayed in the online store for delivery to Germany. Delivery times may vary as well.

    • Vehicle not in model list
      • Where is my vehicle in the model list?

          For our products, we only list approved models that have been tested by us. Due to the large number of models and partly country-specific motorcycle models, we cannot test our products on every model. However, many non-vehicle-specific products - such as tail bags, tank bags or GPS universal holders - fit on a large number of other vehicles. However, we cannot make specific product recommendations. In this case, in order to find a suitable solution for your motorcycle, we recommend visiting one of our dealers in your area.

    • Incorrect production year
      • A product for my vehicle is listed as being from year X, but the model was sold later. Is there an error in the model mapping?

          For our year of construction, we always follow the release data for the motorcycle models provided by the Federal Motor Transport Authority. Sometimes, it may happen that manufacturers add new motorcycle models well before the launch listed by the Federal Motor Transport Authority; as such, we have different year of construction data than the actual sales period.

          If you have any doubts regarding correct model assignment due to the year of construction, please check the type designation likewise indicated by us and compare it to the one on your vehicle registration certificate.

    • Find spare parts in the shop
      • How do I find the right spare part for my product?

          Unfortunately, due to the large number of products and components listed in our shop, we cannot directly offer all spare parts. Accessories and spare parts for bags and tank bags can be found in the corresponding section under luggage systems.

          For almost all other spare parts there is the following option:

          1. Search for the item for which you need a spare part in the online shop
          2. If you go to the item page, you'll find a link entitled "mounting instructions (PDF)" below the item description.
          3. Open the mounting instructions and note the item number and quantity of the spare parts required from the overview display
          4. Send us an email at and tell us the part number(s) you want. Our customer service will then promptly send you an offer.

            With regards to the delivery time, please keep in mind that we don't have all individual parts in stock and that they may have to be produced first.
  • Luggage
  • Safety
  • Protection
  • Ergonomics
  • Navigation
  • Seat conversions
    • I am located in XY. Can I have my seat customized by SW-MOTECH?

        We wish that we could offer seat customizations to all customers. Unfortunately, for logistical reasons, this is not always possible. If you are located in the following countries, we can offer your seat customization:


    • Do you offer leather samples?

        We are happy to provide a sample of our imitation leather and thread if you would like to see it before choosing your own configuration. Please contact our team at 

    • How can I keep my seat in good condition?

        We recommend cleaning with a mild detergent solution. Avoid chemical cleaners. Here's a tip: S100 seat cleaner!

        This can also be used with imitation leather, and it helps protect you against slipping while riding.

    • Are the customized seats waterproof?

        The seams are not waterproof and it is normal for water to soak through them when they are exposed to rain, for example. Under normal temperature conditions, the seat will dry out again soon. The inner foam layer of the seat is sealed from moisture and is not affected by water ingress.

    • After customization, the gap between the tank and seat is bigger. Is this normal?

        Yes, because the upholstery has been tightened to ensure that it fits perfectly and does not wrinkle, even after a long time.

    • Can you leave off the SW-MOTECH bull logo?

        No, the logo is a permanent fixture and will appear on any of our customizations.

    • I have additional features (buttons, fixtures) on my seat. What will happen to them?

        Any decorative elements that are sewn or glued to the original seat will be removed during the customization. Exception: The new seat includes one permanent attachment.

    • Do you also offer embroidery for the seats?

        No, because embroidery would make the material less waterproof and more prone to tearing. 

    • Does the upholstery have any special characteristics that I should know about?

        For heavily curved seats, we build in a so-called 'relaxer searm'. This prevents the outer material from wrinkling.

        Tip: Black (Velour) and Black (Rawhide) are excellent choices for seats, because they also have non-slip properties.

    • I have a gel inset in my seat. Can I still use this?

        In most cases, the gel will no longer work, because it is covered by the upholstery (comfort upholstery, padding, etc.)

        If you don't want to keep your gel padding, we can also replace it a foam cushion. 

    • What does bi-elastic mean?

        Bi-elastic is a material property of some types of imitation leather (Black Velour, Grain, Rawhide and Carbon). It means that the imitation leather can be stretched in all directions. This is why we always recommend quilting in combination with bi-elastic imitation leather.  

    • What is the comfort upholstery and what does it do?

        The comfort upholstery, also called spacer fabric, is a breathable, three-dimensional fabric that is also used in air-conditioned seats in the automotive industry. Please note: The comfort upholstery adds 10 mm of padding to the seat.

        It offers many benefits compared to gel padding (which we never use):

        Force absorption points and optimal pressure distribution
        Full-surface treatment
        Cold/heat insulated
        Light weight
        Highly UV-resistant
        Long lifespan

    • If I want to adjust the seat height, what should I keep in mind?

        A heated seat or passenger seat cover may limit the choice of height adjustment.

        With a padded upholstery, the seat surface is narrower. (The higher the padded upholstery, the narrower the seat).

        With a low-padded upholstery, the seat is wider. (The lower the seat, the wider the surface).

        In the least-padded upholstery, the seat height is reduced, but the crotch arch is shortened by the change in shape. 

    • What happens during a foam replacement?

        When we replace the foam in your seat, we remove part of the original foam and replace it with a harder composite foam. 

    • Do you install heated seats?

        No, we do not install heating into any seats. If you already have seat heating installed, your seat cannot be fitted with low-padding upholstery. 

        Please note: The seat heating will lose heating power with the installation of a padded upholstery or comfort cushioning. It is also not possible to replace the foam, because the original foam would have to be removed.

    • I have a passenger seat cover. Is that a problem?

         We can customize your seat, even if you have a passenger seat cover. For reworking and optimal adjustment, we ask you to send the cover to us together with your seat. 

    • You also order shape modifications. What does that mean?

         You can choose between...

         Standard shape = the original shape remains the same.

        Racing shape = we customize the seat into a racing shape. The passenger area is largely eliminated by filling in and rounding off the rear area (possible but uncomfortable). 

        Touring shape = we customize the seat into a touring shape. This involves inserting a foam wedge. The wedge protects the passenger against slipping and offers a more secure grip while riding. The passenger is then also seated higher than the driver.

  • Power supply
    • Sind die Electric Motorbike Adapters auch wasserdicht?

        Produkte von SW-MOTECH zur Cockpit-Stromversorgung bestehen aus hochwertigen Komponenten, die sorgfältig für den Einsatz am Motorrad ausgewählt werden. Dabei achten wir neben langer Haltbarkeit auch auf den Schutz exponierter Bauteile vor Spritzwasser. Dazu kommen beispielsweise spritzwassergeschützte Abdeck-Kappen, Schalter-Abdeckungen oder Kabeldurchführungen zum Einsatz. Auch das verwendete Isolierungsmaterial hält Feuchtigkeit zuverlässig ab. Wir können aber keine vollständige Wasserdichtigkeit garantieren - dazu sind die Montage- und Verlegungsmöglichkeiten an den unterschiedlichen Fahrzeugen einfach zu vielfältig.