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Accessories from SW-MOTECH for the Yamaha MT-07
Equipment for the top bike from Yamaha

Accessories from SW-MOTECH for the Yamaha MT-07

Yamaha MT-07


SW-MOTECH supplies accessories for the new MT-07

The MT-07 is Yamaha's success model, annual sales figures and a huge fan base impressively confirm this. Hardly any other mid-range naked bike combines easy handling with solid technology and at the same time appealing design so convincingly.

Since the start of sales in 2014, SW-MOTECH has consistently offered premium products in the areas of luggage, protection, safety and ergonomics, opening up numerous options for individual equipment for the all-rounders of this world. The revised model version of the MT-07 2021 receives only minor changes compared to its predecessors in addition to the Euro 5 adaptation, and a comprehensive range of accessories is now available for the two-wheeled crowd pleaser.

Easy handling and clever storage space - the PRO tank bags for the MT-07

With the development of the PRO series, SW-MOTECH has taken the tank bag to a new dimension in innovative handling. Thanks to the magnetic guide aid of the Fidlock system, the tank bag can be easily fixed and released on the PRO tank ring. The shaping EVA material gives the bags an attractive design and fits perfectly with the look of the MT-07. And the available model variants Trial, Sport, Daypack and Micro leave nothing to be desired in terms of storage space: From 3 liters to 18 liters of volume, everything is possible.

Even more storage space for longer tours

Whether for a short after-work ride or an extensive weekend trip, the MT-07 can be used for a wide range of purposes. To ensure that the right luggage solution is used for all eventualities, SW-MOTECH presents a suitable selection of bags and panniers for the side or rear.

The PRO BLAZE system is a simple and stylish way to expand your bike's storage space. The spacer bars are precisely aligned with the lines of the MT-07 and blend seamlessly into the visual design. If the route is completed, you can remove both the saddlebags and the brackets in no time. Only the inconspicuous brackets remain and the MT-07 shines in its original face.



Legend Gear, SysBag or Urban ABS on the SLC carrier

If you are willing to mount a carrier system for bags on the MT-07 permanently, you are well advised to buy the plain SLC carrier made of powder-coated steel. SW-MOTECH has addressed the nerve of naked bike enthusiasts with the model-specific development of this side carrier: Easy and secure attachment of luggage via a quick-release system without much visual impact on the bike. 

Once mounted, the possibilities of luggage solutions are many. The LEGEND GEAR saddlebags made of canvas material are the perfect companions for lovers of the classic look. Whether mounted on both sides or just one, whether with 13.5 liters of volume or with 9.8 liters: the timeless lines of the product range fit seamlessly into the visual concept of the MT-07. Included are loops that allow the attachment of additional bags and waterproof inner pockets.

The URBAN ABS side cases are sturdy, scratch-resistant and offer generous storage space with 16.5 liters. Thanks to the streamlined shape and low weight, riding characteristics are only minimally affected and for the MT-07, the compact cases are ideal for longer trips. The interior with padded lining is easily accessible and elastic cross-tension straps make it easy to stow luggage.

The Sysbag bags primarily stand for variety, because with over 20 different mounting options and combination possibilities on the bike, there are (almost) no limits to individual requirements. For the MT-07, the SysBag 10 and 15 can be mounted either on the SLC or with the help of tie-down straps.


Rackpack MT-07


The complete PRO series for the narrow rear of the MT-07

For those who prefer to carry their luggage on the pillion seat or the rear, SW-MOTECH also offers a wide range of options. All five rear panniers from the PRO series can be used on the MT-07: The narrow Roadpack with 8 - 14 liters of storage space can be easily and securely attached to the pillion seat thanks to the patented lashing hooks and offers space for the most necessary travel items. Even more storage space is available with the PRO Rearbag or the flexible PRO Cargobag. In conjunction with the STREET rack luggage carrier, the PRO Rackpack is a popular alternative to the use of the topcase: the sturdy bag with clever, lateral volume expansion can be attached quickly and easily and can also be used as a travel bag with the included shoulder strap. SW-MOTECH also offers the Rackpack set for the MT-07: The model-specific STREET-RACK luggage rack plus adapter plate and rear bag bundled in an all-round carefree package for easy installation.


Discreet protection parts for the MT-07

The MT-07 is a visual eye-catcher and it should stay that way if possible. To avoid permanent damage in case of a crash SW-MOTECH offers numerous protection products. Engine guards, crash pad kits and side stand foot extensions arm the MT-07 against unwanted blemishes and damaged components. The main stand made of sturdy tubular steel guaranteed a secure stand of the Nakes bike even on uneven ground. The lever guards put a stylish exclamation mark on the handlebars, in combination with the wind deflectors they also provide practical protection for the hands while riding.



Interested motorcyclists can find all products for the Yamaha MT-07 in the SW-MOTECH online store. In the digital salesroom at sw-motech.digital, customers can view the products in even greater detail and address further questions to the sales team via chat.

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Here you will find a video about the MT-07, which you are welcome to include in your press report online.

A selection of accessories for the MT-07

GPS.00.308.35100 Universal GPS mount kit with Phone Case Incl. 1" ball, socket arm, GPS mount, T-lock, Phone Case. 60.00 4052572206904
BC.TRS.00.108.30000 PRO Daypack tank bag For PRO tank ring. QUICK-LOCK.  1680D Ballistic Nylon. black/grey. 5.00-8.00 l. 140.00 4052572182307
BC.TRS.00.110.30000 PRO Micro tank bag For PRO tank ring, QUICK-LOCK. 1680D Ballistic Nylon. black/grey. 3.00-5.00 l. 100.00 4052572182345
BC.TRS.00.112.30000 PRO Enduro strap tank bag 1680D Ballistic Nylon. black/grey. 12.00-15.00 l. 155.00 4052572182291
TRT.00.787.30900/B PRO tank ring For PRO tank bags. QUICK-LOCK. black. 55.00 4052572212349
BC.HTA.06.740.31900 PRO BLAZE H saddlebag set Includes 2 support arms. 1680D Ballistic Nylon. black/anthracite. 2x 15.00-20.00 l. 360.00 4052572212240
BC.HTA.06.869.30001/B URBAN ABS side case system Includes 2 SLC side carriers. . black. 2 x 16.50 l. 480.00 4052572213131
GPT.06.869.30001 Rackpack Set PRO Rackpack set with PRO Rackpack tail bag, STREET-RACK black. 420.00 4052572212257
BC.HTA.00.307.30000 PRO Roadpack tail bag 1680D Ballistic Nylon. black/anthracite. 8.00-14.00 l. 130.00 4052572197356
GPT.06.869.60001/B URBAN ABS top case system Incl. STREET-RACK DHV system . black. 16.00-29.00 l. 370.00 4052572212264
GPT.06.869.16001/B STREET-RACK Without adapter. Aluminum. black. 170.00 4052572212202
BC.HTA.00.401.10100L Legend Gear side bag LC1 For SLC left side carrier. black/brown. 9.80 l. Quick-release fastener. 150.00 4052572034187
BC.HTA.00.401.10100R Legend Gear side bag LC1 For SLC right side carrier. black/brown. 9.80 l. Quick-release fastener. 150.00 4052572034194
HTA.06.869.10001 SLC side carrier left Steel. black. For URBAN, SysBag 10/15 with adapter plate, universal side bracket. 100.00 4052572212226
HTA.06.869.11001 SLC side carrier right Steel. black. 100.00 4052572212219
SCT.06.174.20400 Protection set Bike-specific protection set consisting of Water pump protection, Alternator cover guard. 195.00 4052572209424
SBL.06.593.10002/B Crash bar stole. black. Price tba 4052572216811
STP.06.590.11100/B Frame slider kit PA6 Ertalon/Aluminum. black/silver. 175.00 4052572026922
MSS.06.833.10000 Front spoiler black/ silver. Aluminum Price tba 4052572212998
HPR.00.220.24700/B KOBRA Handguard Kit As a pair. Single-point attachment. As a pair. black. 150.00 4052572213605
LVG.06.861.11000/B Lever guards with wind protection As a pair. Aluminum/Plastic. black 160.00 4052572204030
HPS.06.506.10002/B Centerstand Steel. black. Not in conjunction with extension for side stand foot. 210.00 4052572032282
STS.06.506.10000 Extension for side stand foot black/silver. Aluminum/Stainless steel. Not in conjunction with centerstand. 55.00 4052572028988
SVL.00.504.10200/B Mirror extension For mirror thread. Max. shift: 40 mm Aluminum. black. 50.00 4052572030943
FSC.06.642.10000 Gear lever Aluminum. black/silver. Steplessly adjustable. 140.00 4052572036211

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