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Accessories from SW-MOTECH for the Ducati DesertX
The adventure bike from Ducati fully equipped

Accessories from SW-MOTECH for the Ducati DesertX

Ducati DesertX

Elephants have a good memory: In the 1980s, a Ducati V2 engine was in the legendary Cagiva Elephant, which took a victory at Paris-Dakar with Edi Orioli. Today, the DesertX is reminiscent of the old Elephant with its red and white design and twin headlights.

SW-MOTECH builds the right accessories for the off-road and road-ready touring enduro from Borgo Panigale: robust protective parts, elegant ergonomic products and solid luggage solutions. The accessories will be available in the SW-MOTECH online store during the fall of 2022.

Tank bags for the DesertX

The tank filler neck of the DesertX sits laterally relocated to the right on the tank. Therefore SW-MOTECH offers the popular PRO tank ring in combination with an adapter. This allows to mount various tank bags from the PRO series centrally on the tank: Micro, Daypack, Sport and the waterproof Cross WP fit on the bike.

Luggage for the journey with the Ducati DesertX

The rear of the DesertX offers many options for safely transporting your luggage. The sturdy PRO side carrier provides support for a wide range of bags and panniers. For fans of aluminum cases, the solid TRAX ADV aluminum cases are the right choice. For those who prefer to travel with soft luggage, we recommend our SysBag WP bags: Two waterproof bags that carry up to 40 liters of luggage on each side of the bike.

Behind the pillion seat the ADVENTURE-RACK can be mounted. The solid rack made of 4 millimeters thick aluminum sheet offers many lashing possibilities and also transports the popular TRAX ADV top case - matching the aluminum cases on the side of the DesertX. One can also lash waterproof tail bags from the Drybag series or the PRO series to the rack.



The DesertX wants to go off-road

With 21 inches in the front and 18 inches in the rear, the itinerary is clear: It goes off-road. So that nothing happens to the rider and the bike there, we build solid protection products for the DesertX at SW-MOTECH.

The crash bar, made of black powder coated steel tube, can protect the DesertX's side fairing from damage in crashes and overturns. Despite the machine's high ground clearance, it makes sense to fit a robust engine guard when riding offroad. SW-MOTECH manufactures the engine guard from 4 millimeters thick aluminum sheet. It can protect the engine from damage in the event of a collision.

Even more protection for the fork and rear wheel mount is offered by the axle sliders, which can be easily mounted on the right and left sides of the wheels. For off-road riding, our KOBRA handguards are a great choice. They protect against wind and can protect the hands and the brake and gear levers in case of contact with branches.

Sit and ride more comfortably on the Ducati Desert X

To adjust the seating position and the knee angle, our EVO footrests are suitable, which can be adjust in many different positions to suit the needs of the rider. SW-MOTECH also manufactures a shift and brake pedal for the Desert X, which can be adjusted to the personal foot size. The brake pedal can be extended with an adventure step, which gives better support when riding offroad.

Safety off-road and good visibility

The solid centerstand designed by SW-MOTECH parks the DesertX firmly and safely even on loose ground. For short stops off-road we recommend our extension for side stand foot, which can save the DesertX from falling over. For better visibility when riding in bad weather, one can mount the EVO fog lights, but this only works in conjunction with the SW-MOTECH crash bar. SW-MOTECH offers a lamp protection that can be installed on the Ducati DesertX so that the LED double front headlight is better protected against damage from stones.

We would be pleased to receive a sample copy or link to any coverage of SW-MOTECH products you publish.

Here you can find a video about DesertX, which you are welcome to include in your digital report.

A selection of accessories for the Ducati DesertX

FBL.22.995.10000 Brake pedal Aluminum. Black. Tbd. 4,05257E+12
BC.TRS.00.101.30000 PRO Sport tank bag For PRO tank ring, QUICK-LOCK. 1680D ballistic nylon. Black/grey. 12.00-17.00 l. 210.00 4,05257E+12
BC.TRS.00.108.30000 PRO Daypack tank bag For PRO tank ring. QUICK-LOCK.  1680D ballistic nylon.  black/grey.  5.00-8.00 l. 150.00 4,05257E+12
BC.WPB.00.022.10000 PRO Yukon WP tank bag For PRO tank ring. QUICK-LOCK EVA. Black. 6.00 l. Waterproof. 160.00 4,05257E+12
TRT.00.787.32400/B PRO tank ring For PRO tank bags. Black. 60.00 4,05257E+12
KFT.22.995.70000/B TRAX ADV aluminium case system 45,00 l left / 37,00 l right. Incl. PRO Side carrier. Accessories. Black. 1100.00 4,05257E+12
KFT.22.995.70000/S TRAX ADV aluminium case system 45,00 l left / 37,00 l right. Incl. PRO Side carrier. Accessories. Silver. 1100.00 4,05257E+12
HTA.22.995.10000 SLC side carrier left Steel. Black. Tbd. 4,05257E+12
HTA.22.995.11000 SLC side carrier right Steel. Black. Tbd. 4,05257E+12
KFT.00.152.30300/B TRAX Toolbox Aluminum. Black. 140.00 4,05257E+12
KFT.22.995.30001/B PRO side carrier QUICK-LOCK. Detachable. Without adapters. Steel. Black. 290.00 4,05257E+12
BC.WPB.00.001.10001 Drybag 350 tail bag Easy combination with other Drybags. Waterproof. 500D Polyester. Grey/black. 35.00 l. 70.00 4,05257E+12
BC.HTA.00.305.30000 PRO Rackpack tail bag 1680D ballistic nylon. Black/anthracite. 32.00-42.00 l. 210.00 4,05257E+12
BC.HTA.00.306.30000 PRO Cargobag tail bag 1680D ballistic nylon. Black/anthracite. 50.00 l. 190.00 4,05257E+12
GPT.22.995.70000/B TRAX ADV top case system TRAX ADV Top case (black). ADVENTURE-RACK Rack (black). Accessories. 620.00 4,05257E+12
GPT.22.995.19000/B ADVENTURE-RACK Without adapter. Aluminum. Black. 195.00 4,05257E+12
BC.SYS.22.995.21000/B SysBag WP L/L system Incl. 2PRO Side carrier. 2 adapter plates, 2 SysBag WP L, black, TPU. 840.00 4,05257E+12
SBL.22.995.10000/B Crash bar Steel. Black. 230.00 4,05257E+12
STP.22.176.10001/B Slider set for front axle PA6 Ertalon. Black. 70.00 4,05257E+12
STP.22.176.10302/B Slider set for rear axle PA6 Ertalon. Black. 65.00 4,05257E+12
MSS.22.995.10000/B Engine guard Black. Aluminum. 340.00 4,05257E+12
HPR.00.220.20400/B KOBRA Handguard Kit As a pari. Two-point mounting. Black. 160.00 4,05257E+12
LPS.22.995.10000/B Headlight guard With cover. Black holder. 115.00 4,05257E+12
SCT.22.114.10002 Water pump protection Black / silver 100.00 4,05257E+12
HPS.22.995.10000/B Centerstand Steel. Black. Tbd. 4,05257E+12
STS.22.584.10002 Extension for side stand foot Black/silver. Aluminum/Stainless steel. 55.00 4,05257E+12
MIR.00.850.11100 Mirror Set Sport Long. M10x1.25 right/left. 250.00 4,05257E+12
NSW.00.004.61000/B EVO high beam kit universal LED. Black. With ECE test mark. High beams, crash bar clamps, cable harness, switch. As a pair. 360.00 4,05257E+12
FRS.22.112.10201 EVO footrest kit Stainless steel. Silver/black. 145.00 4,05257E+12
FSC.22.995.10000 Gear lever Aluminum. Black/silver. Steplessly adjustable. Tbd. 4,05257E+12

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