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Small GS, big selection of SW-MOTECH accessories

SW-MOTECH // Press release - BMW G 310 GS / 14.02.2018

Small GS, big selection of SW-MOTECH accessories

The handy BMW G 310 GS embodies the typical GS feeling and guarantees you driving pleasure in the urban jungle as well as off road. SW-MOTECH has suitable accessories for tours of all kinds on offer.

Tank bags with EVO tank ring and tail bags in different sizes are available, as are intelligent luggage solutions for the side. The bike-specific SLC side carrier provides secure hold to your choice of the robust, yet light, URBAN ABS cases or the versatile SysBags. Crash pads or crash bars promise a double helping of protection, as does the engine guard which will be available soon. Additional products, such as acenterstand, 36-way adjustable EVO footrest and the extremely sturdy ADVENTURE RACK are to follow.

Eine Auswahl an Produkten

GPT.07.862.19000/B ADVENTURE-RACK for orig. BMW luggage rack Black. Aluminum. Without top case / SysBag adapter. 119.95 4052572049464
BC.TRS.00.104.20002 EVO City tank bag 11-15 l. For EVO tank ring. QUICK-LOCK function. Ballistic Nylon. Black/Grey. 159.95 4052572042748
FRS.07.112.10900 EVO footrest kit Stainless steel. Black/Silver. 129.95 4052572050286
TRT.00.640.16000/B EVO tank ring For EVO tank bag. QUICK-LOCK function. Black. 29.95 4052572014790
MSS.07.862.10000/S Engine guard Silver. Aluminum. 149.95 4052572050224
HTA.07.862.10000 SLC side carrier left Black. For LC1/LC2, URBAN, SysBag 10/15 with adapter plate, universal side bracket. 70.00 4052572050156
HTA.07.862.11000 SLC side carrier right Black. For LC1, URBAN, SysBag 10 with adapter plate, universal side bracket. 70.00 4052572050163
SBL.07.649.10001/B Crash bar Steel. Black. 139.95 4052572049990
STP.07.176.11400/B Slider set for rear axle Black. 59.95 4052572043745
STP.07.176.11300/B Slider set for front axle Black. 49.95 4052572043523
BC.HTA.07.862.30000/B URBAN ABS side case system 2x 16 l. ABS plastic. Black. Including SLC side carrier. 390.00 4052572050149

*RRP for Germany. Price may vary depending on country of sale.

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