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Ducati Multistrada 1260 – even more travel comfort with SW-MOTECH accessories

SW-MOTECH // Press release - Ducati Multistrada 1260 / 12.07.2018

Ducati Multistrada 1260 – even more travel comfort with SW-MOTECH accessories

New motor, changes to swing arm and parts of the frame, re-worked electronics: Ducati has comprehensively evolved the Multistrada and promises even more driving comfort and better handling with the four versions of the Multistrada 1260.

When it comes to travel comfort, SW-MOTECH can't be beat with its luggage solutions and accessories. Each model of the 1260 series has its very own character, and SW-MOTECH has the right solution for each type. TRAX aluminum cases look just as good on PRO side carriers as SysBag 30 bags do. And a wide range of EVO tank bags can be mounted on the EVO tank ring.

The STREET-RACK also provides a secure hold for either a top case or tail bag. Added features like the crash bar and frame slider kit for the front axle, a centerstand and an extension for the side stand foot provide extra protection and safety. Depending on the driver's height and posture, SW-MOTECH recommends mounting mirror extensions, EVO footrests and a bar riser for an even more comfortable ride.

SVL.22.504.10000/B Mirror extension Black. For mirror thread. Max. extension: 40 mm. 49.95 4052572013717
BC.HTA.00.306.10001 Cargobag tail bag 50 l. Ballistic Nylon. Black/Grey. 169.95 4052572042618
FRS.22.112.10001 EVO footrest kit Stainless steel. Black/Silver. 129.95 4052572040508
TRT.00.640.30601/B EVO tank ring For EVO tank bag. QUICK-LOCK function. Black. 29.95 4052572047446
HPR.00.220.25400/B Handguard Security Bar Kit Black. For original handlebar only. In pairs. 109.95 4052572042885
HPS.22.584.10000/B Centerstand Black. 199.95 4052572033159
LEH.22.039.10001/B Bar riser H=30 mm. Black. 39.95 4052572051849
GPS.22.584.10000/B GPS mount for handlebar QUICK-LOCK function. Removable. Vibration-damped. Black. 59.95 4052572033012
KFT.22.892.30000/B PRO side carriers QUICK-LOCK function. Removable. Without adapter. Black. 239.95 4052572051917
FSC.22.892.10000 Gear lever Black/Silver. Adjustable. Aluminum. 129.95 4052572052433
STS.22.584.10002 Extension for side stand foot Black/Silver. 49.95 4052572053485
GPT.22.892.16000/B STREET-RACK Black. Aluminum. Without adapter. 199.95 4052572052297
SBL.22.584.10000/B Crash bar Steel. Black. 199.95 4052572033111
STP.22.176.10000/B Slider set for front axle Black. 64.95 4052572021644
BC.SYS.22.892.20000/B SysBag 30/30 system Incl. PRO carriers, adapter plates, adapter kits. 2x 30 l. Black/Anthracite. 569.95 4052572052303
KFT.22.892.70100/B TRAX ADV aluminium case system 45 l left/45 l right (black). Incl. PRO side carriers. Accessories. 939.95 4052572051993
GPT.22.892.70000/B TRAX ADV top case system TRAX ADV top case (black). STREET-RACK (black). Accessories. 574.95 4052572053591
SCT.22.114.10001 Water pump guard Black/Silver. 99.95 4052572052310

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