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SW-MOTECH accessories for adventures of all kinds with the BMW F 850 GS

SW-MOTECH // Press release - BMW F 850 GS / 06.08.2018

SW-MOTECH accessories for adventures of all kinds with the BMW F 850 GS

The F 800 GS got an addition to its family just in time for EICMA 2017. Besides power and height, BMW has made a few additional changes to the F 850 GS.

The tank now sits in the classic position between the handlebar and seat, so our EVO tank ring is screwed directly onto the filler. The large selection of SW-MOTECH tank bags and tail bags offers the right solution for every tour: from the EVO Micro with 2.5-5 liter volume to the EVO GS with generous 16-22 liter storage capacity, from the compact SysBag 10 (tail) bag to the roomy Drybag 600.

KOBRA handguards and frame slider kits for the rear axle provide an extra dose of protection for the GS and its rider. For long trips, mirror extensions and adjustable foot rests provide noticeably improved ergonomics.

Now, over 50 SW-MOTECH accessories are available for the BMW F 850 GS, with another 50 on the way before the end of the summer.

GPT.07.897.19000/B ADVENTURE-RACK Black. Aluminum. Without adapter. For orig. BMW rack made of stainless steel. 119.95 4052572054154
SCT.07.897.10100/B Brake reservoir guard Aluminum. Black. 24.95 4052572054192
FRS.07.112.10701 EVO footrest kit Stainless steel. Black/Silver. 129.95 4052572040430
BC.TRS.00.103.20002 EVO GS tank bag 16-22 l. For EVO tank ring. QUICK-LOCK function. Ballistic Nylon. Black/Grey. 179.95 4052572042724
NSW.07.897.51000/B EVO fog light kit LED. Black. ECE test mark. EVO fog lights, light mount, cable harness, power switch. In pairs. 344.95 4052572053959
TRT.00.640.30601/B EVO tank ring For EVO tank bag. QUICK-LOCK function. Black. 29.95 4052572047446
HPR.00.220.21200/B KOBRA handguard kit Black. For original handlebar only. In pairs. 129.95 4052572023563
MSS.07.897.10000 Engine guard Black/Silver. Aluminum. 209.95 4052572054253
KFT.07.897.30000/B PRO side carriers QUICK-LOCK function. Removable. Without adapter. Black. 239.95 4052572053898
SVL.07.506.10000/B Extension for BMW mirror Black. For mirror thread. Max. extension: 66 mm. 49.95 4052572036709
SBL.07.897.10000/B Crash bar Steel. Black. 199.95 4052572053867
STP.07.176.10900/B Slider set for rear axle Black. 59.95 4052572029220
STP.07.176.11501/B Slider set for front axle Black. 79.95 4052572053539
BC.SYS.00.003.12000L SysBag 30 with adapter plate, left For PRO side carriers, left. For ADVENTURE-RACK. 30 l. Black/Anthracite. Can also be lashed on as a tail bag. 169.95 4052572049563
BC.SYS.00.003.12000R SysBag 30 with adapter plate, right For PRO side carriers, right. For ADVENTURE-RACK. 30 l. Black/Anthracite. Can also be lashed on as a tail bag. 169.95 4052572049570
KFT.07.897.70000/S TRAX ADV aluminium case system 45 l left/37 l right (silver). Incl. PRO side carriers. Accessories. 939.95 4052572053935

*RRP for Germany. Price may vary depending on country of sale.

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