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Top accessories for the Yamaha MT-09 SP

SW-MOTECH // Press release - Yamaha MT-09 SP / 30.10.2018

Top accessories for the Yamaha MT-09 SP

The Yamaha MT-09 hit like a bomb years ago, now the SP is impressing sporty drivers with Öhlins spring strut and a fully adjustable front fork. The exclusive color design of the Hyper Naked Bike is complemented by our black and gray EVO tank bags and BLAZE saddlebags by SW-MOTECH. For the right side only, an URBAN ABS side case or a SysBag 15 case with adapter plate and the SLC side carrier are also available.

And because things can still go wrong sometimes despite skill and technical finesse, we recommend mounting an engine case protector and crash bars or crash pads.  The engine guard provides reliable protection against rocks being kicked up and undesired contact with the ground.  Additional accessories, like a centerstand, extension for side stand foot, handguards and ergonomics and navigation products round out our range for the MT-09 SP.

BLAZE saddlebag set

BLAZE offers an innovative way to mount soft saddlebags on sportive motorcycles. The system features mounting arms that quickly attach to the motorcycle and then slip into channels placed on the backside of each bag. These support arms prevent side-to-side movement, stabilize the bags and prevent potential contact with the rear tire or exhaust.

Bike-specific mounting brackets

These support arms prevent side-to-side movement, stabilize the bags and prevent potential contact with the rear tire or exhaust.

Completely removable

The mounting arms detach quickly to retain the look of the motorcycle when the bags are removed.

TRT.00.640.11001/B EVO tank ring For EVO tank bag. QUICK-LOCK function. Black. 29.95 4052572025611
BC.TRS.00.104.20002 EVO City tank bag 11-15 l. For EVO tank ring. QUICK-LOCK function. Ballistic Nylon. Black/Grey. 159.95 4052572042748
BC.HTA.06.740.11600/B BLAZE H saddlebag set 2x 14-21 l. Ballistic Nylon. Black/Grey. Incl. panniers spacer bar. 299.95 4052572053072
HTA.06.861.11000 SLC side carrier right Black. For LC1/LC2, URBAN, SysBag 10/15 with adapter plate, Universal side bracket. 70.00 4052572044124
BC.HTA.00.677.10000R/B URBAN ABS side case right 16,5 l. ABS plastic. Black. For SLC side carrier right. Quick-release fastener. 125.00 4052572045510
BC.SYS.00.002.12000R SysBag 15 with adapter plate, right For SLC side carriers, right. 15 l. Black/Anthracite. Can also be lashed on as a tail bag. 149.95 4052572049518
MSS.06.599.10000/S Engine guard Silver. Aluminum. Not compatible with MSS.06.471.10000/B. 139.95 4052572036679
MSS.06.599.10100 Engine case guard Aluminum. Black/Silver. Not with alternator cover guard. 114.95 4052572037614
SBL.06.861.10000/B Crash bar Steel. Black. 169.95 4052572041796
STP.06.176.10700/B Slider set for front axle Black. 54.95 4052572041628
STP.06.176.10800/B Slider set for rear axle Black. 54.95 4052572041635
STP.06.590.10900/B Slider set for frame Black. 134.95 4052572025994
STP.06.449.10000/B Alternator cover guard Black. Incl. slider pad. Not with engine case protector. 89.95 4052572027790
HPR.00.220.21800/B KOBRA handguard kit Black. For original handlebar only. In pairs. 129.95 4052572026540
STS.06.448.10000 Extension for side stand foot Black/Silver. 49.95 4052572028971
HPS.06.453.10002/B Centerstand Black. 199.95 4052572053089
SVL.00.504.10100/B Mirror extension Black. For mirror thread. Max. extension: 40 mm. 49.95 4052572042878

*RRP for Germany. Price may vary depending on country of sale.

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