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City, countryside... mountains! Anything is possible with the new Royal Enfield Himalayan 

SW-MOTECH // Press release - Royal Enfield Himalayan / 20.12.2018

City, countryside... mountains! Anything is possible with the new Royal Enfield Himalayan 

Amid the travel-enduro jungle, the Himalayan definitely stands out with its grounded, timeless and simple look. It's simply full of robustness and reliability. Fast, modern, technical? "Don't drive fast, drive far" is the motto, since this machine will invite you to slow down.

We already have a big selection of luggage available. Would you rather have the Retro Legend Gear Look or will it be the versatile SysBag? It's your bike - you decide what suits both of you best. The crash bar and the SLC side carrier, matching the Legend Gear side bag, URBAN ABS side case or SysBag 10/15 with adapter plates, will soon be available.

SysBag 15/10 bag system 

The composition of this system is optimally designed for the tail geometry of the Royal Enfield Himalayan. It includes a SysBag 15 for the left side and a SysBag 10 for the right side. The bags can be securely attached to the bike-specific SLC side carriers with just one click.

Legend Gear side bag system 

The LC1 and LC2 Legend Gear side bags are a luggage alternative that combines a classic retro look with easy handling.  In just a few seconds, these side bags can also be attached by hand and removed using a quick-lock system on the SLC side carrier.

URBAN ABS side case system 

Hard shell, aerodynamic shape: thanks to lightweight, yet robust URBAN ABS cases, you can give your Royal Enfield a sporty look. The URBAN ABS cases can be attached securely to the SLC side carrier with a quick-release fastener in one swift move.

SLC side carrier 

The precise, bike-specific development of the SLC side carrier allows easy and secure mounting on original mounting points on the bike.  With the quick-lock system, the Legend Gear or Sysbag side bags as well as the URBAN ABS side cases from our range can be easily attached and removed.

Crash bar 

The specially designed and developed crash bars adapt perfectly to the bike's appearance. The black powder-coated tubular frame protects the important components of your Royal Enfield Himalayan.

BC.TRS.00.130.10001 EVO Enduro strap tank bag 13-22 l. Ballistic Nylon. Black/Grey. 129.95 4,05257E+12
BC.TRS.00.131.10001 EVO Enduro LT strap tank bag 5-7.5 l. Ballistic Nylon. Black/Grey. 79.95 4,05257E+12
BC.TRS.00.401.10100 Legend Gear tank bag LT1 - Black Edition 3.0 l - 5.5 l. Black. Magnetic fastening. Splash-proof. 80.00 4,05257E+12
BC.HTA.41.789.20100 Legend Gear side bag set - Black Edition Left LC2 (13.5 l) / Right LC1 (9.8 l). Black. Incl. SLC side carrier. 445.00 4,05257E+12
BC.HTA.41.789.30000/B URBAN ABS side case system 2x 16 l. ABS plastic. Black. Including SLC side carrier. 390.00 4,05257E+12
BC.SYS.41.789.30000/B SysBag 15/10 system Incl. SLC side carriers, adapter plates. Left (15 l) / Right (10 l). Black/Anthracite. 409.95 4,05257E+12
SBL.41.789.10000/B Crash bar Steel. Black. 149.95 4,05257E+12
NSW.00.004.61000/B EVO high beam kit LED. Black. ECE test mark. EVO high beam lights, crash bar clamps, cable harness, power switch. In pairs. 334.95 4,05257E+12
GPS.00.308.30301/B Universal GPS mount kit Incl. 1" ball, arm, GPS mount. 49.95 4,05257E+12
GPS.00.308.30500/B Universal X-Grip-Kit for large smartphones Incl. 1" ball, socket arm, X-Grip clamp for unit width 4,4-11,4 cm. 89.95 4,05257E+12

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