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Tackle Any Challenge with SW-MOTECH Accessories for the All-New Yamaha Ténéré 700
Press release USA

Tackle Any Challenge with SW-MOTECH Accessories for the All-New Yamaha Ténéré 700

The wait is over. The all-new, no-frills Yamaha T7 middleweight adventure bike is finally arriving in the states. New owners just starting the process of gearing up their factory-fresh bikes for adventure can look to SW-MOTECH for a wide range of upgrades. Luggage, crash protection, navigation and comfort solutions are already developed and ready to ship to riders and dealerships from SW-MOTECH’s new U.S.A. distribution center based in Portland, OR.

Tank Bags

SW-MOTECH’s innovative QUICK-LOCK tank bag system has been adapted for the T7’s removable fuel cap for both the ION and EVO ring systems. These bags keep small items such as wallet, keys, smartphones and water bottles readily accessible during the day, but easy to grab-and-go at pit stops.

QUICK-LOCK Hard and Soft Luggage Solutions

Sturdy 2.5 mm thick steel PRO side racks easily and completely detach from the bike at camp or for when the adventure is just to the coffee shop. The QUICK-LOCK system also provides a secure hold for the TRAX ADV aluminum panniers which can also be popped on and off from the PRO side racks with ease.

For the rear, new Ténéré 700’s can be fitted with SW-MOTECH’s sturdy ADVENTURE-RACK to accommodate an URBAN ABS or TRAX ADV aluminum top case. The ADVENTURE-RACK also has enough real estate to mount large dry-bags such as the Drybag 350 or the Drybag 600. Setup with TRAX ADV side cases and a Drybag 600 on the rear, this creates a total of 150 litres (or over 9,000ci) of dust and weatherproof luggage capacity.

Crash Protection

Ténéré means “the land out there” in the Tuareg language and refers to a large desert area of the southern Sahara. Getting “out there” is exactly what the Ténéré 700 was built for — and SW-MOTECH has the protection to make sure it finishes the journey.

The powerful Yamaha Crossplane two-cylinder engine has the oil filter and header pipes hanging down in the front, exposing them to flying rocks, debris and obstacle crossings when off-roading. SW-MOTECH’s sturdy 4 mm thick brushed aluminum skid plate protects these components and the bottom of the case.

For get-offs and tip-overs, SW-MOTECH crash bars protect the side panels and the components underneath, such as the radiator. The robust, powder-coated bars are 22 mm and 27 mm in diameter.

SW-MOTECH also offers a 2.5 mm thick aluminum rear brake master cylinder guard specifically developed for the Ténéré 700. KOBRA handguards protect levers and hands from weather and brush. And to protect the rally-inspired quadruple LED headlights on the T7’s front from “friendly” roost or passing trucks, there is a headlight guard available.

Safety and Comfort

The SW-MOTECH high-quality steel tubing centerstand allows much more convenient and secure position for field repairs and regular maintenance work. Thanks to an innovative SW-MOTECH design, installation is a snap. There is no spring tension required during the installation process. Instead, the springs are tensioned with a screw after bolting everything up. Light up the terrain ahead and be more conspicuous to drivers with auxiliary fog lights that mount elegantly just beneath the stock headlights. The Ténéré 700 comes with a mounting bar above the dash which is designed specifically for mounting any number of low-profile GPS devices. SW-MOTECH mounting kits will pair the two up perfectly. To keep things shifting smoothly no matter what boots you’re wearing, the answer is the CNC-machined, stepless, fully adjustable shift lever made of HART-COAT®-coated aluminium.

Let the journey begin!

Press contact for the USA:
Tel. +1 503-744-MOTO (6686) I press@sw-motech.com
SW-MOTECH USA I 1910 NW 23rd Pl. I Portland, OR 97210 I www.sw-motech.us


A selection of accessories for the Yamaha Ténéré 700

ADV.06.799.75000/B Adventure set Luggage TRAX ADV aluminum case system with top case (black). PRO carriers. ADVENTURE-RACK. Accessories.
ADV.06.799.75000/S Adventure set Luggage TRAX ADV aluminum case system with top case (silver). PRO carriers. ADVENTURE-RACK. Accessories.
BC.TRS.00.104.20002 EVO City tank bag 11-15 l. For EVO tank ring. QUICK-LOCK function. Ballistic Nylon. Black/Grey.
BC.TRS.00.108.20002 EVO Daypack tank bag 5-9 l. For EVO tank ring. QUICK-LOCK function. Ballistic Nylon. Black/Grey.
BC.TRS.00.201.10001 ION one tank bag 5-9 l. For ION tank ring. QUICK-LOCK. 600D polyester / Soft vinyl. Black.
TRT.00.640.21300/B EVO tank ring For EVO tank bag. QUICK-LOCK function. Black.
TRT.00.475.21300/B ION tank ring For ION tank bag. QUICK-LOCK function. Black.
BC.HTA.00.201.10000 ION S tail bag 7-15 l. 600D Polyester / Soft-Vinyl. Black.
KFT.06.799.30000/B PRO side carriers QUICK-LOCK. Removable. Without adapter. Steel. Black.
BC.SYS.00.003.10000 SysBag 30 Incl. Lashing straps. 30. 00 l. Black/anthracite. 1680D Ballistic Nylon. Tail bag. Side bag in combination with other SysBags.
BC.WPB.00.001.10001 Drybag 350 tail bag 35 l. Grey/Black. Waterproof. Great to combine with other Drybags.
BC.WPB.00.002.10001/Y Drybag 600 tail bag 60 l. Signal yellow. Waterproof. Great to combine with other Drybags.
GPT.06.799.70000/B TRAX ADV top case system TRAX ADV top case (black). ADVENTURE-RACK (black). Accessories.
KFT.06.799.70100/B TRAX ADV aluminium case system 45 l left/45 l right (black). Incl. PRO carrier, accessories.
KFT.06.799.70000/B TRAX ADV aluminium case system 37 l left/37 l right (black). Incl. PRO side carriers. Accessories.
NSW.06.799.51000/B EVO fog light kit LED. Black. ECE test mark. EVO fog lights, light mount, cable harness, power switch. In pairs.
HPS.06.799.10000/B Centerstand Black. For model with ABS only.
SVL.00.504.10100/B Mirror extension Black. For mirror thread. Max. extension: 40 mm.
SBL.06.799.10000/B Crash bar Steel. Black.
MSS.06.799.10000/S Engine guard Silver. Aluminum. Not compatible with MSS.06.471.10000/B.
HPR.00.220.24400/B KOBRA handguard kit Black. For original handlebar only. In pairs.
BPS.06.799.10000/S Brake cylinder guard Aluminum. Silver.
LPS.06.799.10000/B Headlight guard Vintage style grille. Black.
FRS.06.011.10200/S ION footrest kit Stainless steel. Black/Silver.
FSC.06.799.10000 Gear lever Black/Silver. Adjustable. Aluminum.
GPS.00.646.10500/B GPS mount for crossbar Ø 10/12 mm QUICK-LOCK function. Removable. Vibration-damped. Black.

High-resolution images are available to download in our press portal at sw-motech.info. Please feel free to contact us if you have not yet received your login details.

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