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Accessories by SW-MOTECH for the KTM 890 Adventure
Equipment for the new bike from Mattighofen

Accessories by SW-MOTECH for the KTM 890 Adventure

KTM 890 Adventure


Motorcycle accessories from SW-MOTECH for the KTM 890 Adventure

When the KTM 790 Adventure was delivered in 2019, many were enthusiastic about the successful combination of off-road fun and road capability. Now the engineers from Mattighofen have taken it up a notch and are presenting the new KTM 890 Adventure for the 2021 season. As with the 790 Adventure, SW-MOTECH also offers a wide range of accessories for the KTM 890 Adventure.

Side cases, tail bags and tank bags for the KTM 890 Adventure

For luggage transport, SW-MOTECH has developed the matching PRO side carriers - solidly made of steel and removable if required. The waterproof and dustproof aluminum panniers from the TRAX ADV and ION series can be attached and secured to the carriers in one easy step. The soft luggage bags from the SysBag series and the lightweight AERO ABS side cases also find support on the PRO carrier.

Those who prefer smaller bags and carriers can mount the SLC carriers. The smaller SysBag 10 and 15 bags can be attached to these. The URBAN ABS side cases, each with a volume of 16.5 liters, can also be attached to the SLC carrier in one easy step.

For the rear there is the ADVENTURE-RACK: The robust luggage rack made of 4 millimeter thick and black powder-coated aluminum offers top cases and rear bags a secure hold. The new PRO rear bags can be attached there or on the pillion seat with the patented lashing straps in a few simple steps.

Since the lid of the tank filler neck on the KTM 890 Adventure opens in the opposite direction to the direction of travel, the tank ring must be mounted rotated by 180 degrees. This severely restricts the choice of tank bags available: the two small models PRO Micro and Pro Daypack are available for the 890 riders to choose from.




Crash bars and engine guards for the 890 Adventure

To protect the bulbous and low-lying plastic tank, SW-MOTECH offers a robust crash bar made of 27-millimeter-thick tubular steel. For the 890 Adventure, it is available with both black and orange powder coating. Even more protection is offered by the black powder-coated engine guard made of 4-millimeter-thick sheet aluminum - stone chips and bumps then have significantly less chance of damaging the tank and other engine components. The model-specific Kobra hand protector kit can protect the brake and shift levers from damage.

Secure stand for the KTM 890 Adventure and Adventure R

SW-MOTECH offers two different center stands for the new KTM model: A suitable stand was developed for the 890 Adventure R with its longer suspension travel, and a main stand is also available for the 890 Adventure model that is matched to the chassis. For the short and safe stop off-road, the side stand foot widening provides firm grip on loose surfaces.

Accessories for navigation and better ergonomics

To equip the new 890 Adventure from KTM even further, one finds a suitable navigation holder for the cockpit at SW-MOTECH. Many popular navigation devices can be attached to it. The EVO footrests with their wide range of adjustment options allow individual adjustment of the foot position and thus more relaxed travel with this motorcycle, which can be effortlessly moved both on long rides on asphalt and on off-road excursions. The foot brake lever extension, which SW-MOTECH builds to fit the KTM 890 Adventure, is particularly useful off-road. With this extension, you can control the rear brake more securely when riding while standing.

The accessories from SW-MOTECH for the new KTM 890 Adventure and the 890 Adventure R will be available from May 2021.

Interested motorcyclists can find all products for the KTM 890 Adventure in the SW-MOTECH online store. In the digital salesroom at sw-motech.digital, customers can view the products in even greater detail and address further questions to the sales team via chat.

Click her for a video about the KTM 890 Adventure, which you may use for your online communication.


A selection of accessories for the KTM 890 Adventure:

GPS.04.521.10000/B GPS mount for cockpit Bike-specific. QUICK-LOCK. Removable. Shock-absorbent.black. 60,00 4052572174654
ADV.04.521.75000/B Adventure set Luggage TRAX ADV Aluminum case system with TRAX ADV Top case, PRO side carrier, ADVENTURE-RACK 1570,00 4052572174401
BC.TRS.00.108.30000 PRO Daypack tank bag 5.00-8.00 l. Assembly is rotated by 180 °. 135,00 4052572182307
BC.TRS.00.110.30000 PRO Micro tank bag 3.00-5.00 l. Assembly is rotated by 180 °. 95,00 4052572182345
TRT.00.787.17000/B PRO tank ring For filler necks with 6 screws. Assembly is rotated by 180 °. 30,00 4052572189191
KFT.04.521.70000/S TRAX ADV aluminium case system 45,00 l on the left / 37,00 l on the right. Incl. PRO Side carrier. silver. 1000,00 4052572174296
KFT.04.521.60100/B AERO ABS side case system Incl. 2 EVO side carriers. ABS plastic. black. 2x 25,00 l. 580,00 4052572176900
BC.HTA.04.521.30000/B URBAN ABS side case system Incl. 2 SLC side carriers. ABS plastic. black. 2 x 16,50 l. 420,00 4052572190920
KFT.04.521.30000/B PRO side carrier QUICK-LOCK. Removable. Without adapter. Steel. black. 250,00 4052572174142
BC.HTA.00.306.30000 PRO Cargobag tail bag 1680D Ballistic Nylon. black/anthracite. 50.00 l. 185,00 4052572198193
GPT.04.790.70002/B TRAX ADV top case system TRAX ADV Top case (black). ADVENTURE-RACK Rack (black). Accessories. 520,00 4052572174326
GPT.04.790.19001/B ADVENTURE-RACK Without adapter. Aluminum. black. 150,00 4052572058466
HTA.04.521.11000 SLC side carrier right Steel. black. 80,00 4052572186480
HTA.04.521.10000 SLC side carrier left Steel. black. 80,00 4052572186473
BC.SYS.04.521.20000/B SysBag 30/30 system Incl. PRO Side carrier. Adapter plates. Adapter kit. 2x 30,00 l. black/anthracite. 560,00 4052572175606
BC.SYS.04.521.30000/B SysBag 15/15 system Incl. SLC side carrier. Adapter plates. Left (15,00 l). Right (15,00 l). black /anthracite. 420,00 4052572186770
SBL.04.521.10100/EB Upper crash bar Crash bar extension. Steel.orange. 200,00 4052572191477
SBL.04.521.10000/EB Crash bar Steel. orange. 230,00 4052572191484
SBL.04.521.10100/B Upper crash bar Crash bar extension. Steel.black. 200,00 4052572174975
SBL.04.521.10000/B Crash bar Steel. black. 240,00 4052572174630
MSS.04.521.10001/B Engine guard black. Aluminum. 280,00 4052572196922
HPR.00.220.23700/B KOBRA handguard kit As a pair. Two-point mounting.black. 140,00 4052572174357
HPS.04.918.10001/B Centerstand Steel. black. For KTM Adventure R 180,00 4052572200889
HPS.04.521.10001/B Centerstand Steel. black. For KTM Adventure 180,00 4052572200582
STS.04.521.10000 Extension for side stand foot black/silver. Aluminum/Stainless steel. 50,00 4052572162835
FRS.04.112.10101 EVO footrest kit Stainless steel. silver/black. 130,00 4052572042922
FBE.04.521.10000/B Extension for brake pedal Aluminum. black. 85,00 4052572200834

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