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New Do-Everything-Case from SW-MOTECH
The DUSC for every trip

New Do-Everything-Case from SW-MOTECH


After years in development, SW-MOTECH has just introduced an entirely new line of luggage dubbed DUSC. The all-new hard-shell case system aims to offer an extremely versatile solution for riders looking to do everything from city commuting to adventure touring.

SW-MOTECH set out their design requirements as an extremely versatile case that is waterproof, lightweight and at the same time very robust. In the process, the motorcycle accessories specialist from Germany spared no expense developing the system from scratch. Modern manufacturing technologies and materials were combined and tested until the DUSC case system was ready for launch. Now ready to hit the market in 2023, the DUSC system will be available in Europe mid-August, and in the U.S. by the end of the year.




Robust Construction

The DUSC case combines a scratch-resistant, 3 mm-thick, thermoformed and structured ABS plastic shell with a sturdy aluminum perimeter frame. When taking an impact, forces are initially absorbed by the reinforced plastic corners and then transferred to the aluminum frame via the 3D shape of the ABS panels. The ABS material is designed to rebound to its original shape after impact and deformation. This creates a lightweight and extremely tough case.



DUSC: A Jack of All Trades.

The DUSC case can be used interchangeably as a top case or as a side case—on either the left or right side. Due to its light weight, robust construction and aesthetic design; the DUSC case is equally at home on a sport-touring machine or an adventure bike.

Click here for more information on the DUSC sidecase systems.

Click here for more information about the DUSC topcase systems.



Volume: 33 l 

Dimensions: 486 x 413 x 247 cm 

Weight: 3,9 kg



Volume: 41 l  | 

Dimensions: 486 x 413 x 295 cm

Weight: 4,1 kg



Simple Attachment and Secure Hold

The DUSC easily attaches to the motorcycle by placing it on two retaining points and then fixing it to the carrier via the locking lug. With the separately available lock system made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, the case lid and the connection to the carrier can be locked simultaneously.

Even with the lock installed, the DUSC can be opened and closed without a key—a practical option for motorcycle luggage. Locked or unlocked, the DUSC attachment system has held up in extensive testing to be reliable enough to withstand extended touring—on or off the pavement.


The separately available lid net is simply hooked into the inside of the lid and the easily accessible extra storage is available.

Further DUSC accessories for convenient luggage organization are already in development.



DUSC Features

  • Size M 33 liters / Size L 41 liters (fits a full-face helmet)
  • Can be used as a side case or top case
  • Lightweight and waterproof case
  • Rugged, scratch-resistant ABS shell bounces back into shape
  • Easy mounting on PRO side carrier or luggage carrier
  • Composite 3D structured ABS shell and sturdy aluminum frame construction
  • Co-locking closure system for lid and case carrier
  • Protective corners on the lid side with convenient lashing points
  • Integrated carrying handles
  • Lock for closing case opening and carrier connection (sold separately)
  • Integrated hooks inside the case to organize the load (available as an option)


The DUSC on video


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