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SW-MOTECH accessories for the new BMW models F 900 R and F 900 XR

SW-MOTECH accessories for the new BMW models F 900 R and F 900 XR

BMW F900 R / XR

With their two new twin models, BMW delivers a convincing answer when it comes to the mid-range segment: the sporty F 900 R is a solid Naked Bike intended for quick rides in the evening for a reasonable price, and the F 900 XR with longer spring deflections and a wider handlebar ensures a relaxed riding position even during extensive tours. Both bikes impress with the new series-two-cylinder which now boasts 105 horsepower, a full-bodied sound and significantly more pressure than the predecessor model F 800 R.

SW-MOTECH has equipped the Naked Bike and the Sporttourer with suitable accessories ranging from luggage, protection, safety and ergonomics - for relaxed and safe riding during the new 2020 motorcycle season.

Secure and convenient luggage storage

For the new 900-model series, BMW installed a lightweight tank made of welded plastic that makes it possible to easily mount the three ION series tank bags as well as numerous models from the EVO series with the help of the bike-specific tank ring. A suitable tank ring has also been developed for PRO tank bags which will be available as of May. This lets you easily and safely transport up to 20 liters of luggage between the rider and cockpit and, thanks to the patented QUICK-LOCK, allows for easy removal of luggage during refueling.

The tail offers a wide selection of case and bag systems: The developers of SW-MOTECH have adjusted both the removable PRO side carrier and the small, robust SLC carriers to fit the R and XR models. This means that for longer tours with the F 900 XR, the expedition-proven TRAX ADV and ION aluminum cases can be mounted onto the PRO side carrier with a capacity of 45 liters on each side. Alternatively, you can also use the soft saddlebags from the SysBag series, each with 15 or 30 liter capacity, or the AERO ABS plastic cases with 2 x 25 liters of storage.

For sporty motorcyclists who ride the new F 900 R, SW-MOTECH recommends the compact URBAN ABS side cases, which can be clicked into place on the SLC carrier in one easy step. Those who prefer an even quicker pace can mount the two unobtrusive, removable BLAZE saddlebag support arms and the two matching bags with up to 42 liter capacity - everything can be removed quickly if one wants to ride without luggage.

Located behind the rider and passenger, the STREET-RACK offers space for TRAX ADV and ION series aluminum top cases as well as the URBAN ABS plastic top case.

More protection and safety - crash bar, frame sliders and centerstand

The different fairing designs on both motorcycles in the series required the construction of bike-specific crash bars tailor-made for the F 900 R and the F 900 XR. In case of accidents or if the bike falls over, they can prevent damage to essential components. The sporty F 900 R also allows the mounting of unobtrusive frame sliders that offer protection during crashes and match the look of the Naked Bikes. The robust centerstand ensures a stable position during maintenance or stops with heavy luggage. When making a short stop, the extension for side stand foot facilitates the safe parking of both F 900 models even on loose ground.

Although both bikes are called F 900, the X in the name makes a big difference, especially when it comes to the seating position and the quality of motorcycle riding. Thus, SW-MOTECH offers a suitable and stepless adjustable gear lever for both motorcycles. This means you can choose the desired switching position. Even more variations are possible with the EVO footrests made of corrosion resistant stainless steel casting, which can be used to replace the factory mounted components of both bikes. And those who feel that the airflow while riding the wiry F 900 R at high speeds becomes unpleasant can mount the windscreen, made of brushed aluminum, in front of the cockpit.

All essential accessory products from SW-MOTECH for the F 900 R and F 900 XR will be available in stores at the end of May.

When you publish the news, we would love to receive a sample copy or link to the website.

A selection of accessories for the BMW F 900 R and XR

BC.TRS.00.108.30000 PRO Daypack tank bag For PRO tank ring, QUICK-LOCK. 1680D Ballistic Nylon. black/grey. 5.00-8.00 l. 113.45 4052572182307
BC.TRS.00.110.30000 PRO Micro tank bag For PRO tank ring, QUICK-LOCK. 1680D Ballistic Nylon. black/grey. 3.00-5.00 l. 79.83 4052572182345
TRT.00.787.30600/B PRO tank ring For PRO tank bags. black. 25.21 4052572189405
KFT.07.949.70000/B TRAX ADV aluminium case system  37.00 l on the left / 37.00 l on the right. Incl. PRO Side carrier. accessories. black. 840.30 4052572191910
KFT.07.949.50000/S TRAX ION aluminium case system  37.00 l on the left / 37.00 l on the right. Incl. PRO Side carrier. accessories. silver. 714.28 4052572191873
KFT.07.949.60100/B AERO ABS side case system  Including 2 PRO side carriers. ABS plastic. black. 2x 25.00 l. 487.39 4052572191903
BC.HTA.07.945.30000/B URBAN ABS side case system Incl. 2 SLC side carriers. ABS plastic. black. 2x 16.50 l. 352.94 4052572190913
KFT.07.949.30000/B PRO side carrier  QUICK-LOCK. Removable. Without adapter. Steel. black. 210.10 4052572191842
BC.HTA.07.740.11100/B BLAZE H saddlebag set  Incl. 2 removable support arms. 1680D Ballistic Nylon. black/grey. 2x 14.00-21.00 l. 268.91 4052572190814
HTA.07.945.10000 SLC left side carrier Steel. black. 67.23 4052572191392
HTA.07.945.11000 SLC side carrier right Steel. black. 67.23 4052572191361
BC.SYS.07.945.30000/B SysBag 15/15 bag system Incl. SLC side carrier. Adapter plates. Left (15.00 l). Right (15.00 l). black /anthracite. 352.94 4052572191828
BC.HTA.00.306.10001 EVO Cargobag tail bag 1680D Ballistic Nylon. black/grey. 50.00 l. 142.86 4052572042618
BC.HTA.00.307.10001 EVO Slipstream tail bag Backpack function. 1680D Ballistic Nylon. black/grey. 13.00 l. 100.84 4052572042625
BC.HTA.00.202.10000 ION M tail bag 600D polyester/. black/black. 26.00-36.00 l. 109.24 4052572055151
BC.WPB.00.002.10001/Y Drybag 600 tail bag Easy to combine with other Drybags. Waterproof. 500D Polyester. Signal yellow. 60.00 l. 67.23 4052572027363
GPT.07.945.70000/B TRAX ADV top case system TRAX ADV Top case (black). STREET-RACK (black). Zubehör. 428.57 4052572191170
GPT.07.945.60000/B URBAN ABS top case system Incl. STREET-RACK. DHV system. ABS plastic. black. 16.00-29.00 l. 285.71 4052572190807
GPT.07.945.16000/B STREET-RACK Without adapter. Aluminum. black. 210.10 4052572190791
SBL.07.945.10000/B Crash bar Steel. black. 142.86 4052572190777
HPR.00.220.21200/B KOBRA Handguard Kit Exclusively for original handlebars. Two-point mount. black. Works exclusively with original handlebars. 117.65 4052572023563
KRS.00.169.10000/S Header pipe guard For header pipes with Ø 32-50 mm.Stainless steel. silver. 25.21 4052572033661
STS.07.945.10000 Extension for side stand foot black/silver. Aluminum/Stainless steel. 42.00 4052572191415
SVL.07.506.10000/B Extension for BMW mirror For mirror thread. Max. alignment: 66mm. Steel. black. 42.00 4052572036709
NSW.00.004.51000/B EVO fog light set LED. Black. With ECE test mark. EVO fog lights, crash bar clamps, cable harness, switch. As a pair. 281.51 4052572055595
FRS.11.112.10001 EVO footrest kit Stainless steel. silver/black. 109.24 4052572042410
FSC.07.945.10000 Gear lever Aluminum. black/silver. Stepless adjustment. 109.24 4052572192023
STP.07.590.10900/B Frame slider kit PA6 Ertalon/Aluminum. black/silver. 117.65 4052572190722

All prices are net prices. Please add your national VAT.

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