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Accessories from SW-MOTECH for the Honda CB750 Hornet
The popular naked bike celebrates its comeback

Accessories from SW-MOTECH for the Honda CB750 Hornet

Honda Hornet mit Zubehör von SW-MOTECH

At INTERMOT 2022 in Cologne, Honda presented the new edition of the legendary Hornet. After an absence of almost 10 years, the iconic naked bike is now returning to the road in a fresh guise. The brand-new two-cylinder in-line engine with 755 cubic centimeters of displacement offers plenty of power. The chassis, suspension and damping also promise plenty of riding fun in the city or on country roads.

The Honda CB750 Hornet is aimed at a wide audience, from newcomers to advanced riders. SW-MOTECH offers a comprehensive range of luggage solutions that are both practical and fit the bike's naked bike aesthetic. SW-MOTECH is also offering several subtle protection add-ons for the Hornet. The high-quality shifter and rear brake lever improve ergonomics and riding comfort on any ride.


Luggage Solutions on the Hornet: PRO Line for the Tank or the Tail


Mounting on the convenient, magnetically assisted PRO Tank Ring System, a variety of SW-MOTECH PRO tank bags can be fitted depending on the needs of the rider on this versatile machine.

A total of 10 PRO models are available for the Honda Hornet. These include the waterproof PRO Yukon WP and the PRO Daypack with magnetic holder, which can be placed on the tank of the Hornet without a tank ring.

The tank bags provide additional storage space and allow quick access to important items without affecting the field of vision or steering angle.



On the rear, a matching PRO line of tail bags are also available. The PRO Rearbag tail bag wraps across the rear pillion seat perfectly with its slightly curved bottom. The PRO Rackpack rear bag instead clicks onto the STREET-RACK luggage rack with an adapter plate for a secure but convenient quick-release solution. Both bags are made of durable ballistic nylon and offer ample storage space for personal items and equipment.

A variety of other tail bags, from 8 to 65 liters, are also available and feature SW-MOTECH’s patented lashing hook system which simplifies mounting and dismounting to a one-handed task.



SLC Side Carriers: Cases or Soft Luggage

For longer tours with the Hornet or for space for a commute, the installation of the SLC Side Carriers are ideal. The carriers are discreet and designed to fit the bike precisely. Depending on taste, either the URBAN ABS Side Cases or the waterproof SysBag WP soft luggage (S, M) can be attached via a simple three-point attachment.

Matching the panniers, the URBAN ABS Top Case can be locked onto the STREET-RACK luggage rack. It offers a total storage space of 16 liters and can be expanded to 29 liters. Plenty of room for a full-face helmet.



Protection for the Honda Hornet

SW-MOTECH offers a wide range of accessories that protect both the new Honda Hornet or rider in case of falls, accidents and adverse weather conditions. The KOBRA hand protectors offer an easy way to protect the rider's hands and brake and clutch levers from the elements, dirt and crash damage. Bar-end lever guards offer a sporty and stylish alternative.

The aluminum lever guards are available with or without wind deflector and protect the brake and clutch levers in the event of falls or minor accidents. Not only that, but the wrap around bar-end style have a great sporty look on the Hornet.

The aluminum alloy front-end spoiler protects the engine and chassis from debris and rock chipping and gives the Honda Hornet an aggressive streetfighter look.



The crash bars are made of powder-coated tubular steel and are specifically adapted to the lines of the Honda Hornet and help to prevent damage to the frame, engine and fairing parts in case of tip-overs or accidents. The bars fit to OEM mounting points and can be easily accomplished with basic mechanical skills.

The slider crash pad kit for the front axle provides additional protection for the forks in case of falls or accidents. Thanks to the robust core made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, costly repairs and downtime can be avoided after a minor low-side.



Ride in Comfort and Safety

For ergonomics, SW-MOTECH offers model specific shift and foot brake levers for the Hornet. Both accessories enable improved handling and control for shifting and braking. Both also have high-quality workmanship and add style.

To provide better footing when parking the Honda, SW-MOTECH offers a side stand foot extension, especially helpful when putting the stand down on soft terrain.


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A selection of accessories for the Honda Hornet

GPS.00.308.35200 Universal GPS mount kit with Navi Case Incl. 1" ball, socket arm, GPS mount, T-lock, Navi Case. 60.00 4052572206911
BC.TRS.00.108.30000 PRO Daypack tank bag For PRO tank ring. QUICK-LOCK.  1680D ballistic nylon.  black/grey.  5.00-8.00 l. 150.00 4052572182307
BC.WPB.00.022.10000 PRO Yukon WP tank bag For PRO tank ring. QUICK-LOCK EVA. Black. 6.00 l. Waterproof. 160.00 4052572201572
TRT.00.787.30400/B PRO tank ring For PRO tank bags. QUICK-LOCK. Black. For filler necks with 5 screws. 30.00 4052572189382
BC.HTA.01.971.30000/B URBAN ABS side case system Includes 2 SLC side carriers. ABS plastic. Black. 2 x 16,50 l. 490.00 4052572242735
BC.HTA.00.304.30000 PRO Rearbag tail bag 1680D ballistic nylon. Black/anthracite. 22.00-34.00 l. 220.00 4052572198070
GPT.01.971.30000 Rackpack Set PRO Rackpack set with PRO Rackpack tail bag, STREET-RACK black. 440.00 4052572243800
GPT.01.971.60000/B URBAN ABS top case system Incl. STREET-RACK DHV system ABS plastic. Black. 16,00-29,00 l. 415.00 4052572242728
GPT.01.971.16000/B STREET-RACK Without adapter. Aluminum. Black. 195.00 4052572241592
HTA.01.971.10000 SLC left side carrier Steel. Black. 95.00 4052572241608
HTA.01.971.11000 SLC side carrier right Steel. Black. 95.00 4052572241615
BC.SYS.00.004.12000L SysBag WP S with left adapter plate Incl. Adapter plate left for SysBag WP S. EVA/TPU. Black. 12.00-16.00 l. 170.00 4052572229828
BC.SYS.00.004.12000R SysBag WP S with right adapter plate Incl. Adapter plate right for SysBag WP S. EVA/TPU. Black. 12.00-16.00 l. 170.00 4052572229835
BC.SYS.01.971.31000/B SysBag WP M/S system Incl. 2 SLC side carriers. 2 adapter plates, 1 SysBag WP M, 1 SysBag WP S, black, EVA. 570.00 4052572242759
SBL.01.971.10000/B Crash bar Steel. Black. 210.00 4052572241622
STP.11.176.10501/B Slider set for front axle PA6 Ertalon. Black. 60.00 4052572202067
MSS.01.971.10000 Engine guard Silver/. Aluminum. Preis folgt 4052572246597
HPR.00.220.25000/B Handguard Mounting Kit For 22mm handlebars. One-point mounting. Black 120.00 4052572026151
LVG.01.971.11000/B Lever guards with wind protection As pair. Aluminum/Plastic. Black 150.00 4052572242216
STS.01.971.10000 Extension for side stand foot Black/silver. Aluminum/Stainless steel. 55.00 4052572244562
MIR.00.850.10400 Mirror Set Sport Short. M10x1.25. 250.00 4052572223116
SVL.00.503.11400/B Mirror Extension For the mirror thread. Max extension: 40mm Aluminum. Black. 55.00 4052572237946
FSC.01.971.10000 Gear lever Aluminum. Black/silver. Steplessly adjustable. Preis folgt 4052572244555
FBL.01.971.10000 Brake pedal Aluminum. Black. Preis folgt 4052572246580

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