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The Cult Classic Honda Transalp Returns
SW-MOTECH set for the relaunch with accessories across the board.

The Cult Classic Honda Transalp Returns

Honda Hornet mit Zubehör von SW-MOTECH

Honda XL750 Transalp

The Honda Transalp is a bike with an eventful history going all the way back to its premiere in 1986. It now has a loyal, near cult-like following. Now with a new era of compact middleweight adventure bikes underway, the Honda XL750 Transalp offers an intriguing blend of ADV and sport-touring capabilities based on the already successful Honda Hornet platform.

Before the bike’s launch, the designers at SW-MOTECH took the new 2023 Honda Transalp into the workshop to develop accessories as quickly as possible. The offerings developed include high-quality protection products, several different luggage solutions and custom-made components to improve ergonomics and safety.

SW-MOTECH PRO Luggage Front to Back.

SW-MOTECH has developed a range of luggage solutions to equip the Honda Transalp for all kinds of riding styles and trips. The tank bags and tail bags from the PRO line offer a simple and stylish way to put together the perfect setup that works for any given ride.

After mounting a PRO tank ring, any of the PRO tank bags can be snapped into place with ease thanks to the Fidlock magnetic guide. Matching the curved tank shape of the Transalp, the PRO City Tank Bag offers a total of 14 liters of storage space. Even when fully loaded, the slim shape of the tank bag allows for a full range of steering free of interference with the bars.

With the PRO tail bags, luggage can also be attached to the pillion seat or the rear rack of the Transalp. The bags are made of durable ballistic nylon with a simple attachment system thanks to the patented lashing hooks. Depending on the need for storage space, you can strap either the PRO Roadpack with 8 to 14 liters; or the PRO Rackpack with 32 to 42 liters volume to the bike.



Stable Side Carrier Systems for Cases or Bags.

The PRO Side Carriers are designed to hug close to the Transalp, to limit overall width after adding cases. The carriers are removable with just a few quarter-turn QUICK-LOCK fasteners, so that you can add or remove from the bike between trips in seconds.

The TRAX ADV aluminum cases can be attached to the PRO Side Carriers. The cases are completely waterproof and dustproof and offer plenty of storage space for all travel essentials. SW-MOTECH offers the TRAX ADV hard panniers in black or silver, in either size L (45 liters) or M (37 liters).

The TRAX ADV Top Case can also be latched onto the ADVENTURE-RACK. Adding another 38 liters of storage space for the trip and are designed to stand up to even the most demanding off-road tours.



Alternatively, the SLC Side Carrier can also be mounted to the Transalp. A quick-release system allows side panniers to be attached and removed in a single step, while also providing a stable and reliable mounting system. The SLC carrier provides a secure hold for the URBAN ABS side panniers and the SysBag WP S and M bags.



Protection Products for the Honda Transalp

Protecting rider and critical components of the bike is always important. That's why SW-MOTECH offers sturdy crash bars and an engine guard (aka skid plate) for the Honda Transalp. These parts are designed to protect the fairing and engine from damage in crashes or from the rigors of off-road travel.

When developing the crash bars, the designers took the lines of the Transalp into account to create an aesthetically pleasing result. The robust steel tubes are firmly bolted together across the front for strength and are designed to protect the fairing on both sides from damage.

To ensure that the new Honda in-line twin is adequately protected, especially during off-road rides, SW-MOTECH manufactures the engine guard from a high-quality aluminum alloy. This keeps critical components on the Transalp engine protected from gravel flung off the front wheel or contact with obstacles.




Riding in Comfort and Safety

SW-MOTECH also offers accessories for the Transalp to improve ergonomics. Both the EVO footrests and the rear brake pedal extension improve riding comfort and control—especially off-road. To ensure that the new Honda can always be parked safely, it makes sense to fit a sidestand foot extension. It’s a simple and practical way to find firm footing on almost any surface.


SW-MOTECH offers high quality protection products, In case of publication we would be pleased to receive a voucher copy or the link to the article.

Here you can find a video about the Honda Transalp, which you are welcome to include in your press report online.

A selection of accessories for the Honda Transalp

FSC.01.070.10000 Gear lever Aluminum. Black/silver. Steplessly adjustable. 140.00 4052572247372
BC.WPB.00.024.10000 PRO City WP tank bag For PRO tank ring. QUICK-LOCK EVA. Black. 9.00 l. Waterproof. Cannot be combined with bar riser. 220.00 4052572217221
BC.TRS.00.103.30000 PRO GS tank bag For PRO tank ring, QUICK-LOCK. 1680D ballistic nylon. Black/grey. 16.00-20.00 l. Cannot be combined with bar riser. 240.00 4052572182338
BC.TRS.00.104.30000 PRO City tank bag For PRO tank ring, QUICK-LOCK. 1680D ballistic nylon. Black/grey. 11.00-14.00 l. Cannot be combined with bar riser. 210.00 4052572182284
TRT.00.787.30400/B PRO tank ring For PRO tank bags. QUICK-LOCK. Black. For filler necks with 5 screws. 30.00 4052572189382
KFT.01.070.70100/B TRAX ADV aluminium case system 45,00 l left / 45,00 l right. Incl. PRO Side carrier. Accessories. Black. 1100.00 4052572246740
KFT.01.070.70100/S TRAX ADV aluminium case system 45,00 l left / 45,00 l right. Incl. PRO Side carrier. Accessories. Silver. 1100.00 4052572246757
BC.HTA.01.070.30000/B URBAN ABS side case system Includes 2 SLC side carriers. ABS plastic. Black. 2 x 16,50 l. 490.00 4052572247341
KFT.00.152.30300/S TRAX Toolbox Aluminum. Silver. Left side mount possible. 140.00 4052572222645
KFT.01.070.30000/B PRO side carrier QUICK-LOCK. Detachable. Without adapters. Steel. Black. 270.00 4052572246689
GPT.01.070.30000 Rackpack set PRO Rackpack set with PRO Rackpack tail bag, ADVENTURE-RACK Rack black. 380.00 4052572247181
BC.HTA.00.305.30000 PRO Rackpack tail bag 1680D ballistic nylon. Black/anthracite. 32.00-42.00 l. 210.00 4052572197400
GPT.01.070.70000/B TRAX ADV top case system TRAX ADV Top case (black). ADVENTURE-RACK Rack (black). Accessories. 570.00 4052572247204
GPT.01.070.19000/B ADVENTURE-RACK Without adapter. Steel. Black. 140.00 4052572247174
HTA.01.070.10000 SLC left side carrier Steel. Black. 95.00 4052572247327
HTA.01.070.11000 SLC side carrier right Steel. Black. 95.00 4052572247334
BC.SYS.01.070.31000/B SysBag WP M/M system Incl. 2 SLC side carriers. 2 adapter plates, 2 SysBag WP M, black, EVA. 610.00 4052572247808
ADV.01.070.76000 Adventure set Protection Model-specific protector set. Crash bar, Engine guard, KOBRA Handguard kit,. 620.00 4052572246801
SBL.01.070.10000/B Crash bar Steel. Black. 230.00 4052572247259
MSS.01.070.10000/S Engine guard Silver. Aluminum. 270.00 4052572247143
MSS.01.070.10000/B Engine guard Black. Aluminum. 270.00 4052572247150
KRS.00.169.10000/S Header pipe guard For header pipes with Ø 32-50 mm. Stainless steel. Silver. 35.00 4052572033661
HPS.01.070.10000/B Centerstand Steel. Black. tba. 4052572248942
FRS.01.112.10500 EVO footrest kit Stainless steel. Silver/black. 145.00 4052572051788

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