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New products 2021 by SW-MOTECH
The SW-MOTECH accessories for motorbikes 2021

New products 2021 by SW-MOTECH

Product Highlights SW-MOTECH 2021


The PRO series is growing. After the successful launch of the PRO tank bags last spring, it is now time to introduce the new PRO tail bags – completely redesigned and equipped with the new fitting hooks that allow flexible mounting of the tail bags. SW-MOTECH has also reissued the popular BLAZE saddlebags for sporty bikes, starting in 2021 with dimensionally stable side walls and improved Velcro®.

Again and again customers ask for waterproof tank bags - SW-MOTECH now has the answer: Two waterproof tank bags - one for PRO tank ring and one for strap mounting. The new protective products from SW-MOTECH offer better protection for your bike: Lever guards for sporty Naked Bikes and overhauled axle sliders for more than 40 different motorcycle models.


The new PRO tail bags

The tail bags from the PRO series are – like the PRO tankbags – made of indestructible 1680 D Ballistic Nylon and optically match the tank bags very well. They also impress with high-quality workmanship and well thought-out features: Reflective attachments ensure better visibility, robust fitting hooks secure the bags quickly and easily at the rear and a MOLLE attachment on the top allows the attachment of accessory bags.

PRO Hecktaschen SW-MOTECH


Features of the PRO tail bags


  • Made of durable and highly UV-resistant 1680D Ballistic Nylon with splashproof inner lining
  • Top of bag made of laminated and dimensionally stable EVA plastic (Roadpack, Rearbag)
  • Underside made of anti-slip material


  • Universal fit for almost all motorcycles
  • Large mesh compartment with zipper on the inside of the lid
  • Robust lashing eyes for secure fastening of the bag at 4 points and for lashing accessory bags
  • Made of durable and highly UV-resistant 1680D Ballistic Nylon with splashproof inner lining
  • Reflective details for better visibility
  • Zipper management: Elastic loops prevent the zipper pulls from fluttering
  • MOLLE attachment made of stable Hypalon material on the upper side for attaching accessory bags.
  • Simple and quick attachment of the bag to the motorcycle with loop straps with a patented lashing hook.
  • Weather protection thanks to the supplied waterproof inner bag
  • Sturdy carrying handle
  • Available January 2021




PRO Roadpack

  • Small and compact for sporty motorcycles
  • Zipper mesh compartment in the lid
  • Robust lashing eyes at 4 points
  • Volume expansion in the bottom from 8 to 14 liters

Volume: 8 - 14 l  |  Dimensions: 36 x 28 x 15 cm  |  Weight: 0.9 kg

Price: 125,00 € * | Item number: BC.HTA.00.307.30000

More information on the PRO Roadpack

PRO Rearbag

  • The versatile tail bag for the passenger seat
  • Additional storage thanks to two outer pockets
  • Storage space for a helmet
  • Volume expansion in the top area from 22 to 34 liters

Volume: 22 - 34 l  |  Dimensions: 40 x 43 x 25 cm  |  Weight: 1,8 kg

Price: 200,00 € * | Item number: BC.HTA.00.304.30000

More information on the PRO Rearbag

PRO Rackpack

  • Made for racks
  • Additional storage thanks to two outer pockets
  • Inner mesh compartments on both outer pockets
  • Volume expansions on both outer sides

Volume: 32 - 42 l  |  Dimensions: 33 x 56 x 26 cm  |  Weight: 2.4 kg

Price: 200,00 € * | Item number: BC.HTA.00.305.30000

More information on the PRO Rackpack

PRO Cargobag

  • Reliable 4-point lashing strap attachment
  • 2 outer pockets with zippers
  • 2 exterior tie-downs for additional luggage
  • Storage space for a helmet

Volume: 50  l  |  Dimensions: 50 x 70 x 33 cm  |  Weight: 1.7 kg

Price: 185,00 € * | Item number: BC.HTA.00.306.30000

More information on the PRO Cargobag

PRO Tentbag

  • Easy attachment to other PRO tail bags
  • Long zipper with cover
  • 4 carrying loops
  • Suitable for two person tent
  • Reflective details for better visibility

Volume: 18  l  |  Dimensions: 17 x 58 x 17 cm  |  Weight: 0.4 kg

Price: 45,00 € * | Item number: BC.HTA.00.350.30000

More information on the PRO Tentbag

Innovative fitting hooks for quick mounting

The newly developed fitting hooks allow a flexible attachment of the PRO tail bags. The straps are hooked and tensioned in one step. To remove the bag, the strap is released in one easy step and removed from the lashing eyelet by pulling on the drawstring.

The excess strap length can be secured to the strap with a Velcro® fastener. This allows the bag to be used on different motorcycles, and the strap length can be adjusted accordingly.



New PRO BLAZE saddlebags

The PRO BLAZE saddlebags with removable support arms have been an impressive solution for luggage transport on sporty bikes for many years. They impress with their sporty look, low weight and a patented mounting system. SW-MOTECH manufactures the bags from robust and especially UV-resistant 1680D Ballistic Nylon. In combination with side panels made of dimensionally stable EVA material, the luggage is protected from splashing water and dust.

Developed specifically for sporty motorcycles, the saddlebags have minimal effect on handling performance. When travelling without luggage, the removable support arms can be detached with a simple step, leaving only inconspicuous holders behind on the bike.




  • NEW: Side walls made of dimensionally stable and laminated EVA material

  • NEW: The upper side of the Velcro strap is covered with anti-slip material for a secure hold on the passenger seat

  • NEW: MOLLE attachment made of durable Hypalon material on the front for accessory bags

  • Available January 2021

Price for the set (2 bags / 2 support arms): starting at 350,00 € *

More information about the PRO BLAZE saddlebags





Waterproof tank bags

Two new waterproof tank bags complete the PRO series starting in 2021: The PRO Yukon WP with a volume of 6 liters can be placed on the PRO tank ring like its peers and protects luggage from rain and spray in any weather. The PRO Enduro WP from SW-MOTECH is a waterproof strap tank bag in the PRO series – for all bikes without a tank ring.

Absolutely waterproof: The overlapping lid made of dimensionally stable EVA material is firmly welded to the TPU body. Thanks to the plastic welding, the materials join seamlessly and securely with one another. Dust and water don't stand a chance here.

The waterproof viewing compartment in the inner lid offers space for a smartphone or road map, and the spacious inner compartment holds the most important travel essentials. With the two waterproof tank bags from the PRO series, electronic devices and cameras can be transported safely in all weather conditions.


Features of the waterproof PRO tank bags

  • Volume PRO Yukon WP: 6 liter
  • Volume PRO Enduro WP: 11 liter
  • Upper side made of laminated and dimensionally stable EVA material
  • Overlapping lid prevents water from entering
  • Lid secured magnetically
  • Welded body made of TPU without seams
  • MOLLE attachment made of stable hypalon on the top for holding accessories like smartphone and tablet mount
  • Clear compartment for smartphone or maps in inner lid
  • Sealed zippers
  • Robust zipper made or metal
  • Reflective details for better visibility
  • Robust carrying handle
  • Available spring 2021

More information on PRO Yukon WP
Price: 150,00 € * | Item number: BC.WPB.00.022.10000

More information on PRO Enduro WP
Price: 175,00 € * | Item number: BC.WPB.00.023.10000



The new, stylish lever guards made of black anodized aluminum are an eye-catcher and a protective product at the same time. Originally used in racing, they are a attractive addition for the style-conscious rider. The lever guards are also offered with matching, impact-resistant plastic wind protectors.

  • High-quality forged parts with milled areas
  • Protection for brake lever and clutch lever
  • Additional protection against falls and accidents
  • Available spring 2021

Price: Lever guards: 130,00 € * | Wind protectors: 25,00 € * | Set (2 lever guards / 2 wind protectors): 155,00 € *




The redesigned crash pads for the front and rear axle, made of abrasion-resistant plastic, protect the drive shaft and swing arm from damage in the event of a crash. The plastic core is now even more resistant with 30% glass fiber content. In combination with the TPE sheathing, the crash pads provide additional cushioning in case of unintentional contact with the road.

The polished, red bull logo serves as a visual highlight on the motorcycle, and the axles made of high-quality steel with zinc-nickel coating guarantee long durability.

  • Robust core of fiberglass-enforced plastic (PA6 GF30) for high mechanical dampening capacity
  • Good sliding properties and emergency operating features   
  • Matte black surface with polished bull logo in red   
  • Easy mounting with axle thread and bike-specific spacers   
  • Available spring 2021

Price: starting at 40 € *



* all prices including 19 % VAT

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