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The new PRO series by SW-MOTECH
Simply better

The new PRO series by SW-MOTECH

PRO tank bag


Available from May 2020: the new PRO tank rings and tank bags

The PRO tank ring perfectly combines the innovative power of two German companies: The locking mechanism of the SW-MOTECH tank rings, which has been tried and tested for many years, can now be operated even more easily thanks to the magnetic guidance aid from Fidlock technology.

The PRO Upper Ring

The positioning of the upper ring has been significantly improved: The sliding upper ring is already pre-assembled on the tank bag with a guide rail and does not have to be drilled. This way, the patent pending upper ring can be individually aligned on the guide rail on the underside of the tank bag. Once the right position has been found, the top ring is screwed tight. When changing to another motorcycle, the position of the upper ring can be adjusted accordingly.

The strenth of magnets

The magnetic guide, developed by Fidlock, complements the already advanced SW-MOTECH mechanical latching system: the magnets guide the upper ring into the appropriate position on the tank ring and the lock snaps firmly into place. The strength of the magnets supports the positioning of the tank bag. Fasten the tank bag in just one step and drive off - your luggage is safe.

Secure hold

The mechanical locking mechanism securely holds the tank bag. The magnets bring the two parts of the ring together - then they have done their duty. The robust fibreglass reinforced plastic with its high-precision locking geometry is responsible for ensuring that the tank bag remains firmly in place in all situations. The basic principle stayed the same.


PRO tank bags - The new generation


We have continued developing the PRO tank bags, also thanks to the feedback and suggestions of our customers. Many have requested larger outer pockets, and so the new tank bag line off ers larger and wider opening outer pockets for even more fl exible luggage distribution.

The new generation of tank bags off ers elegant and timeless design in conjunction with durable materials and sophisticated product features: Ballistic nylon material protects the luggage against shocks, wind and weather. On the top we have added laminated EVA material. It gives the bags a distinctive shape and, in conjunction with a MOLLE attachment, ensures a secure fi t for the new smartphone and tablet mounts.

The new, factory-fitted upper ring guide rail allows a much easier adaptation of the tank bag to the shape of the tank and the ergonomic needs of the driver. Only the PRO tank bags off er this flexibility.

The PRO tank bag series is supplemented by a strap attachment model and a magnetic tank bag for steel tanks. With nine diff erent tank bags, we have the right model for every driver.

In May 2020, the new PRO tank bags will be on the market.


More information: www.pro-tankbags.com

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