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New Accessories for the Suzuki V-Strom 800DE
Comfortable on asphalt and robust offroad

New Accessories for the Suzuki V-Strom 800DE

Suzuki V-Strom 800 mit Zubehör von SW-MOTECH

Suzuki has reentered the middleweight adventure bike category with the all-new parallel twin V-Strom 800DE. In typical V-Strom fashion, it's a touring machine that's also easy to get along with as a daily rider. Its V-twin predecessor, the V-Strom 650, was just as comfortable on the morning commute as it was on gravel roads.

The new V-Strom 800 is setup with a 21-inch front and an 18-inch rear wheel combination. It also offers longer travel suspension, with 220 mm front and rear. Its new 776 cc parallel twin engine produces 83hp/ 78nm. These changes add up to the new V-Strom 800DE placing more emphasis on off-tarmac adventure touring without compromising its day-to-day usability.

SW-MOTECH offers the owners of this all-round motorcycle a wide range of accessories to set the bike up for their next trip, big or small.


"Hard or soft luggage?"

This divisive question is often top-of-mind with adventure riders when buying a luggage system. SW-MOTECH offers the perfect solution for both camps and has now brought a third option into play with the new DUSC cases. DUSC cases are extremely lightweight due to the ABS material and are extremely versatile. The DUSC cases are equally at home on or off the pavement and can be used interchangeably as a top case or side case.

A DUSC side case set is available for the V-Strom 800DE which includes the DUSC M (33 liters) and L (41 liters) cases and the matching PRO side carriers. SW-MOTECH also offers a top case system which includes the DUSC L and the matching ADVENTURE-RACK luggage carrier.



Equipped with the PRO Side Carriers, riders can switch between all three SW-MOTECH luggage solutions.

The PRO Side Carriers are designed to fit the rear of the Suzuki V-Strom 800DE to keep the overall width of the bike as narrow as possible after attaching panniers.

The entire carrier rack can also be removed in about a minute using the QUICK-LOCK one-quarter turn fasteners.


For aluminum panniers, SW-MOTECH offers the TRAX ADV aluminum cases in black and silver which fit the same PRO Side Carriers. The cases are made of 1.4 mm thick aluminum and are completely waterproof and dustproof. They have a capacity of 37 or 45 liters. With the TRAX ADV Top Case on the ADVENTURE RACK, the packing volume can be expanded by another 38 liters. All three cases offer a total of 120 liters of storage space.

For soft luggage advocates, they can equip their V-Strom 800 DE with the Sysbag WP bags. The large L models with 40 liters of volume also mount to the same PRO Side Carrier. Alternatively, the smaller S and M models could be setup on a different carrier system, the SLC Side Carrier. All SysBag WP bags are completely waterproof and coordinate with all bags from the PRO line and the newly redesigned DryBag models.



The PRO Line—Tank to Tail

Speaking of the PRO line, a full line of tank bags and tail bags can be the perfect stand-alone solution or supplement a full luggage system. Whether it's a quick day ride or a multi-week tour, SW-MOTECH has several sizes of rear bags and tank bags to fit any ride.

The PRO Tank Ring System allows PRO tank bags on and off the bike in seconds thanks to a magnetic guide. The PRO Trail Tank Bag holds between 13 and 18 liters without negatively affecting the steering angle or the standing position in rough terrain. Using a MOLLE system, additional accessories such as a smartphone drybag or a PRO Pocket, can be attached to the tank bag's lid.

The PRO Rearbag and PRO Roadpack rear bags can be secured to the rear of the Suzuki V-Strom 800DE with SW-MOTECH's patented lashing system. The PRO Rackpack is held securely on the ADVENTURE RACK. These rear luggage solutions can provide anywhere from 8 to 42 liters of volume.



Protection for Rider and Motorcycle

As an all-round motorcycle, the Suzuki V-Strom 800DE feels at home in any terrain. To ensure that the motorcycle and rider are optimally protected, SW-MOTECH offers comprehensive protection accessories. For the heart of the motorcycle—the 776 cc parallel-twin engine—an engine guard made of a robust aluminum alloy was developed to function as a skid plate. This protects the engine, manifold and oil filter from stone chips and damage in off-road use.

Crash bars are designed to protect the sides of the engine and the fairing from damage in the event of a fall, while a crash pad kit protects the front axle. KOBRA or BBSTORM hand guards keep wind, rain, sun and branches off the rider's hands. In the event of a crash, they protect brake and clutch levers.



Ride in Comfort and Safety

SW-MOTECH offers a range of ergonomic products to make adjustments for each individual rider. In addition to an EVO footrest kit, the portfolio includes adjustable shifters, brake pedals and handlebar risers and relocations. For off-road use, a side stand foot extension and a foot brake lever extension are available.

EVO fog lights and high-beam auxiliary lighting systems round out the range of accessories and provide added active and passive driving safety.



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A selection of accessories for Suzuki V-Strom 800DE.

FBL.05.845.10000 Brake pedal Aluminum. Black. 9999.00 4052572253694
BC.WPB.00.024.10000 PRO City WP tank bag For PRO tank ring. QUICK LOCK. EVA. Black. 9.00 l. Waterproof. Maximum steering angle slightly limited in combination with 30 mm bar riser. Does not fit with bar back. 220.00 4052572217221
TRT.00.787.30300/B PRO tank ring For PRO tank bags. QUICK-LOCK. Black. 30.00 4052572189375
KFT.05.845.70000/B TRAX ADV aluminium case system 45,00 l left / 37,00 l right. Incl. PRO Side carrier. Accessories. Black. 1100.00 4052572248775
KFT.05.845.65000/B DUSC hard case system 41,00 l left / 33,00 l right. Incl. 2 PRO side carrier. Black. ABS. 950.00 4052572252093
KFT.00.152.30300/B TRAX Toolbox Aluminum. Black. Right side mount possible. 140.00 4052572222638
KFT.05.845.30000/B PRO side carrier QUICK-LOCK. Detachable. Without adapters. Steel. Black. 280.00 4052572248744
BC.WPB.00.020.10000 Drybag 260 tail bag Easy combination with other Drybags. Waterproof. 500D Polyester. Grey/black. 26.00 l. 55.00 4052572038857
BC.HTA.00.305.30000 PRO Rackpack tail bag 1680D ballistic nylon. Black/anthracite. 32.00-42.00 l. 210.00 4052572197400
BC.HTA.00.307.30000 PRO Roadpack tail bag 1680D ballistic nylon. Black/anthracite. 8.00-14.00 l. 135.00 4052572197356
GPT.05.845.65000/B DUSC top case system DUSC L hard case (black). ADVENTURE-RACK (black). Accessories. 560.00 4052572254257
GPT.05.845.19000/B ADVENTURE-RACK Without adapter. Aluminum. Black. 200.00 4052572249239
BC.SYS.05.845.31000/B SysBag WP M/M system Incl. 2 SLC side carriers. 2 adapter plates, 2 SysBag WP M, black, EVA. 620.00 4052572248980
BC.SYS.05.845.21000/B SysBag WP L/L system Incl. 2PRO Side carrier. 2 adapter plates, 2 SysBag WP L, black, TPU. 840.00 4052572253687
ADV.05.845.76000 Adventure set Protection Model-specific protector set. Crash bar, Engine guard, KOBRA Handguard kit, Slider set for front axle. 650.00 4052572249062
SBL.05.845.10000/B Crash bar Steel. Black. Compatible with original engine guard. 210.00 4052572248492
STP.05.176.10402/B Slider set for front axle PA6 Ertalon. Black. 40.00 4052572201794
MSS.05.845.10000/S Engine guard Silver. Aluminum. Does not fit in conjunction with the original crash bars. 250.00 4052572249017
MSS.05.845.10000/B Engine guard Black. Aluminum. Does not fit in conjunction with the original crash bars. 250.00 4052572249000
HPR.00.220.26600/B KOBRA handguard kit Comes as a set. Two-point assembly. Black. 160.00 4052572250365
HPS.05.845.10000/B Centerstand Steel. Black. Compatible with original engine guard. 220.00 4052572250648
STS.05.440.10000/B Extension for side stand foot Black/silver. Aluminum/Stainless steel. Kein Preis 4052572027226
NSW.05.845.51000/B EVO fog light kit LED. With ECE test mark. EVO fog lights, light mount, cable harness, switch. As a pair. 340.00 4052572251423
FRS.05.112.10002 EVO footrest kit Stainless steel. Silver/black. 145.00 4052572182765
LEH.00.039.31000/B Bar back variable for Ø28 handlebars Height increase of 28 mm. Shift position by 5/10/15/20/25/30 mm. Aluminum. Black. For max. bar back of 30 mm. 170.00 4052572219522
FSC.05.845.10000 Gear lever Aluminum. Black/silver. Steplessly adjustable. 9999.00 4052572253526
FBE.05.845.10000/B Extension for brake pedal Aluminum. Black. 100.00 4052572250358

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