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SW-MOTECH delivers accessories for the Husqvarna Norden 901
Accessories for the Norden 901: Luggage, protection, safety and ergonomics

SW-MOTECH delivers accessories for the Husqvarna Norden 901

Husqvarna Norden 901 SW-MOTECH

Since its presentation at EICMA 2019, the motorcycle industry has been eagerly awaiting the touring enduro from Husqvarna. The Scandinavian-inspired retro design of the Norden already attracted a lot of eyeballs back then, and now you can finally experience the bike's performance on and off the road.

SW-MOTECH has developed a wide range of accessories for the Norden 901: Luggage, protective products and accessories for more safety and better ergonomics for any motorcycle tours individual rider needs.

The heart of the bike well packed: An engine guard helps in case of stone chips and ground contact 

The new Husqvarna Norden 901 was built to explore the world. If your travels take you over unpaved roads and boulders, the standard engine guard could quickly reach its limits. SW-MOTECH offers a 4 millimeters thick aluminum engine guard for the Norden that reliably protects the frame's lower beams and protects the manifolds from damage caused by stone chips and off-road bumps.

Crash bar: protection for fairing and other components

The crash bar from SW-MOTECH is made of 27 millimeters thick steel tubing and offers protection for the fairing, engine and low-flying plastic tank. This crash bar is identical to that of the KTM 890 Adventure and thanks to an additional part it also fits the Norden 901.

Small but extremely robust: The axle sliders for the Norden 901

Due to their small size, many people don't even have them on their radar: The axle sliders for the front and rear axle can have a lot of effect in an emergency. They have excellent sliding properties and protect the fork or swing arm of your Norden 901 in the event of a crash. In addition, there is an additional visual detail on the bike that justifies the investment even more.

PRO side carriers: Versatile luggage solution for the sides of the Norden 901

For longer trips, we equip the Husqvarna Norden 901 with our PRO side carriers, made of solid steel and removable. SW-MOTECH offers the TRAX ADV and ION series of waterproof and dustproof aluminum panniers for the Norden. With a total volume of 82 l, you can relax on your travels. Alternatively, our waterproof Sysbag WP L cases and the lightweight AERO ABS plastic cases, each with a capacity of 25 l, can be mounted on the PRO side carrier.

The alternative with the SLC carrier: Lightweight luggage for smaller tours

If you prefer smaller bags, you can also mount the SLC carrier on the Norden 901. The URBAN ABS side cases, each with a volume of 16.5 liters, can be clicked onto this with a flick of the wrist. And again there is the possibility to transport his luggage 100% waterproof: The two Sysbag WP models S and M are made for adventures as well as for everyday use. The shape-forming EVA material gives the bags an extravagant look, while the outer lamination ensures absolute protection against moisture.

PRO tank ring: tank bags for daily use

The tank offers a universally popular place for transporting luggage: the PRO tank ring system with its magnetic guide offers a level of comfort that you would not want to do without, especially in everyday use. PRO Micro, the PRO Daypack and the waterproof PRO Yukon WP can be attached to the Norden 901.

With rack: Versatile luggage solution at the rear of the Norden 901

Various tail bags can be mounted on the rear of the Norden 901, as well as the TRAX ADV and URBAN ABS top cases on the ADVENTURE-RACK rack. The PRO Rackpack tail bag or the large waterproof Drybags provide ample space for travel gear. All tail bags can be quickly and easily lashed and secured to the appropriate attachment points on the motorcycle.

Full view in traffic with the mirror set Sport

The versatile adjustable mirrors in a modern and flat design offer the rider an improved view of following traffic. SW-MOTECH manufactures them from black anodized aluminum, the mirror arms consist of steplessly adjustable elements and can each be extended by 30 millimeters. The multiple adjustment options offer more safety through a better overview of the surroundings, while the detailed milling in the trendy Edge design makes for an eye-catcher on the Norden 901.

Footrests, centerstand, TRAX Toolbox - even more accessories for the Norden 901

Especially for off-road rides, reliable little helpers are definitely welcome. The footrest kits from SW-MOTECH help in the search for the optimum seating position and at the same time provide grip and high stability. The EVO footrest allows 36 variations in all directions and the profile rubber can be easily removed for longer offroad passages. With the centerstand, the Norden parks safely in rough terrain and the tools are placed in the robust TRAX Toolbox on the inside of the PRO side carrier.

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Here you can find a video about the Husqvarna Norden 901, which you are welcome to include in your digital report.

A selection of accessories for the Husqvarna Norden 901:

FBE.04.521.10000/B Extension for brake pedal Aluminum. Black. 100.00 4052572200834
BC.TRS.00.110.30000 PRO Micro tank bag 1680D Ballistic Nylon. 3.00-5.00 l. 120.00 4052572182345
BC.WPB.00.025.10000 PRO Cross WP strap tank bag EVA. Black. 5. 50 l. Waterproof. 130.00 4052572212806
BC.WPB.00.022.10000 PRO Yukon WP tank bag Black. 6.00 l. Waterproof. 160.00 4052572201572
TRT.00.787.32200/B PRO tank ring For PRO tank bags. QUICK-LOCK. Black. 55.00 4052572233160
KFT.03.992.70000/B TRAX ADV aluminium case system 45,00 l left / 37,00 l right. Incl. PRO Side carrier. Black. 1100.00 4052572229231
KFT.03.992.60100/B AERO ABS side case system Includes 2x PRO Side carrier. 2x 25,00 l. 690.00 4052572229224
BC.HTA.03.992.30000/B URBAN ABS side case system Includes 2 SLC side carriers. . Black 2 x 16,50 l. 500.00 4052572228340
KFT.03.992.30000/B PRO side carrier QUICK-LOCK. Detachable. Without adapters. Steel. Black. 290.00 4052572229200
GPT.04.790.30001 Rackpack set PRO Rackpack tail bag, ADVENTURE-RACK Rack black. 400.00 4052572229149
GPT.04.790.70003/B TRAX ADV top case system TRAX ADV Top case (black). ADVENTURE-RACK Rack (black). 590.00 4052572229163
GPT.04.790.19002/B ADVENTURE-RACK Without adapter. Aluminum. Black. 165.00 4052572229132
HTA.03.992.10000 SLC left side carrier Steel. Black. 100.00 4052572228302
HTA.03.992.11000 SLC side carrier right Steel. Black. 100.00 4052572228326
BC.SYS.03.992.21000/B SysBag WP L/L system Incl. 2PRO Side carrier. 2 adapter plates, 2 SysBag WP L, black, TPU. 850.00 4052572231975
BC.SYS.03.992.31000/B SysBag WP M/M system Incl. 2 SLC side carriers. 2 adapter plates, 2 SysBag WP M, black, EVA. 620.00 4052572230886
ADV.04.521.76200 Adventure-Set Protection Crash bar, Engine guard, KOBRA Handguard kit, Slider set 915.00 4052572230350
SBL.04.521.10001/B Crash bar Steel. Black. 260.00 4052572228388
STP.04.176.10901/B Slider set for front axle PA6 Ertalon. Black. 80.00 4052572201756
STP.04.176.10801/B Slider set for rear axle PA6 Ertalon. Black. 65.00 4052572202814
MSS.03.992.10000/B Engine guard Black. Aluminum. 350.00 4052572229965
HPR.00.220.20400/B KOBRA Handguard Kit As a pari. Two-point mounting. Black. 160.00 4052572022030
SCT.07.174.10102/S Brake fluid reservoir guard Aluminum. Silver. 35.00 4052572175224
HPS.03.992.10000/B Centerstand Steel. Black. 220.00 4052572229569
STS.04.521.10000 Extension for side stand foot Black/silver. Aluminum/stainless steel. 55.00 4052572162835

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