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SW-MOTECH Introduces Wide Range of 2022 Gen 3 KLR 650 Accessories
Luggage, protection and ergonomic products for the sport tourer

SW-MOTECH Introduces Wide Range of 2022 Gen 3 KLR 650 Accessories

Kawasaki KLR 650

When Kawasaki ceased production of the iconic KLR 650 in 2018, many thought the chances of the big thumper making a return to the lineup given current emissions standards to be more or less non-existent. Most speculation turned to entirely different possible scenarios, such as an all-new small parallel twin KLR or a more off-road focused Versys 650-based machine. The idea that Kawasaki could manage to update the trusty and venerable KLR in any significant way and retain the essence of the original 1987 Generation 1 KLR didn’t seem in the realm of possibility.

Then in 2022, Kawasaki did just that, introducing a very familiar, but updated KLR. The new Gen 3 got EFI, ABS and a package sprinkled with updates across the chassis like LED lighting and desirable additions like a fuel gauge.
On top of all that, Kawasaki pulled the rabbit out of the hat when they announced pricing, arguably the most quintessential KLR trait of all. The price of the brand-new 2022 Gen 3 KLR is exactly the same as the 2018 Gen 2 model it replaced.
SW-MOTECH recognizes that Kawasaki’s popular KLR offers a good value to all types of riders and has been developing premium luggage, ergonomic and crash protection products to outfit the KLR for years.

Adventure Proven Protection

Crash bar Kawasaki KLR 650

To protect the engine, SW-MOTECH has developed a new robust 27mm diameter, frame-mounted crash bar and offers a skid plate that remains unchanged from the Gen 2 model. SW-MOTECH crash bars are formed, welded and powder-coated in their Brno, Czech Republic factory.

The SW-MOTECH KOBRA Handguard system protects levers and hands from weather, brush and roost. Cold weather extensions to the handguards as well as LED blinker inserts can also be added to the KOBRAs.

Precision Ergonomics

KLR riders can now choose between two different footpeg options, the ION footrest or the EVO model. The top-of-the-line EVO peg has removable rubber inserts and is adjustable vertically, front to back and even allows for the rotation of the angle to allow for 36 different positions to dial in your sitting or standing ergonomics.

A convenient and sturdy center stand is also offered that features a frustration-free installation thanks to the easy rotating spring tensioner.


PRO Luggage Carrier with QUICK-LOCK

An area with significant changes to the KLR is in the rear removable subframe, which Kawasaki completely removed in favor of a fixed frame. SW-MOTECH took the opportunity when fitting rear luggage carriers to the new single piece frame to upgrade the carrier to the latest (and lightest) iteration of their popular carriers called the PRO line.

Both the previous EVO and the new PRO carriers utilize a convenient patented QUICK-LOCK system that allows the rider to completely remove or attach the entire rack structure in seconds. This keeps the bike looking simple and lightweight when not performing touring or commuting duties and can be convenient when cleaning or conducting maintenance.



SW-MOTECH’s ADVENTURE RACK rear plate is also new to the KLR. The rear rack addition allows various luggage options, from the lightweight and affordable URBAN ABS top case to mounting a full-on TRAX ADV locking weatherproof aluminum case. A fully outfitted TRAX ADV case system (available in black or silver) consisting of two side cases and the top case provides a whopping 120 liters of protected luggage volume.

TRAX ADV Accessories
Also offered is a host  of SW-MOTECH accessories for the TRAX ADV panniers and top cases to get the most out of the aluminum luggage. This includes TRAX ADV lid organizers, lid nets, inner bag liners, external bottle holders and expansion cases. A full list is available at www.sw-motech.us.



In addition to the luggage options from SW-MOTECH for the rear of the KLR, the new waterproof PRO CROSS WP tank bag is the perfect companion for the front. With a MOLLE top panel for mounting a navigation device or accessory pouch, fully welded TPU construction, waterproof zippers and strap attachment system; the PRO CROSS WP is ready for any adventure. The smaller 5.5 liter bag also rides up higher on the tank to allow more room for standing.

The full line of Generation 3 2022 KLR 650 accessories are currently available for order directly at sw-motech.us.

We would be pleased to receive a sample copy or link to any coverage of SW-MOTECH products you publish.

Here you can find a video about the Kawasaki KLR 650, which you are welcome to include in your digital report.


Selection of accessories for the 2022 Kawasaki KLR 650:

BC.WPB.00.025.10000 PRO Cross WP Strap Tank Bag $199.95 Waterproof, strap attachment.  
SBL.08.990.10000/B Crash Bars $338.95 27mm, Steel  
MSS.08.469.10001/B Engine Guard (Skid Plate) $243.95 Aluminum, black.  
MSS.08.469.10001/S Engine Guard (Skid Plate) $243.95 Aluminum, silver.  
HPR.00.220.25100/B KOBRA Handguard Kit $205.95    
FRS.08.112.10201 EVO Footrest Kit $184.95    
KFT.08.990.70000/B TRAX ADV Aluminium Full Case System, Black $1,499.95 Full system: PRO Carriers, 2 panniers, lock set, keychain multi-tool  
KFT.08.990.70000/S TRAX ADV Aluminium Full Case System, Silver $1,499.95 Full system: PRO Carriers, 2 panniers, lock set, keychain multi-tool  
KFT.08.990.30000/B PRO Side Carrier System $334.95 With QUICK-LOCK System  
GPT.08.990.19000/B ADVENTURE-RACK $185.95 Black.  
GPT.08.990.60000/B URBAN ABS Top Case System $567.95 Full quick attach system, includes ADVENTURE-RACK  
BC.HTA.00.677.22000/B URBAN ABS Top Case $279.95 Strap lashing variant  
HPS.08.990.10000/B Centerstand $282.95 Steel, black. Easy install spring.  
NSW.00.004.61000/B EVO high beam kit universal $463.95 LED. Black. With ECE test mark. High beams, crash bar clamps, cable harness, switch. As a pair.  
NSW.00.004.51000/B EVO fog light set Universal $453.95 LED. Black. With ECE test mark. EVO fog lights, crash bar clamps, cable harness, switch. As a pair.  
SVL.00.505.101 Mirror Extensions $63.95 Black. Aluminum.  

Pricing subject to change. Check back at sw-motech.us for updates and full product listings.

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