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SW-MOTECH equips the Triumph Trident 660 with accessories
Accessories for luggage transport, protection and safety

SW-MOTECH equips the Triumph Trident 660 with accessories

Triumph Trident 660


SW-MOTECH equips the Triumph Trident 660 with accessories

Since its launch in spring 2021, Triumph's naked bike has become one of the big sellers. No wonder, because the powerful three-cylinder is praised by many and it impresses with its unique design. The Trident 660 has thus become a serious alternative to already successful naked bikes. While Yamaha's MT-07, Honda's CB 650 R and Kawasaki's Z 650 deliver robust and proven two-cylinder engines, Triumph offers a three-cylinder engine with 81 hp that delivers powerful performance across the entire rev range.

SW-MOTECH builds the right accessories for luggage transport, protection and safety for the naked bike from Hinckley. We present a selection of accessories exclusively for the Triumph Trident 660:


PRO tank ring Triumph Trident 660

Luggage transport on the tank of the Trident 660

The PRO tank ring offers support for a total of four models from the PRO series. The selection ranges from the small and compact PRO Micro tank bag with a volume of three liters to the PRO Trial tank bag with a volume of up to 18 liters. All tank bags are made of robust ballistic nylon and the position on the tank ring can be adjusted to your own needs thanks to the sliding upper ring.




PRO Blaze H saddlebags Triumph Trident 660

Side bags and tail bags for the small naked bike from Triumph

The SW-MOTECH designers developed two different mounting systems for side bags for the slim and narrow rear end. The sporty PRO Blaze H saddlebag system, with a total volume of up to 40 liters, is ideally suited to riders who like to go on trips with the Trident 660 and who also like to go fast. You can remove the spacer bars in seconds and the rear is again free of bags and supports.



Side bags and rear bags for the Triumph Trident 660

For those who prefer their carriers firmly bolted to the motorcycle, the SLC side carriers are made of black powder coated steel. The tried-and-tested carriers with three-point mounts can accommodate various bags from SW-MOTECH: The Legend Gear LC1 and LC2 bags made of waxed canvas material give the Trident a retro look and carry either 13.5 or 9.8 liters of luggage on each side of the bench seat. For those who like a more modern look, mount the URBAN ABS side cases made of lightweight and durable ABS plastic. The new SysBag WP bags in sizes S and M also fit well on the Triumph Trident 660.

And for the daily commute to work and the ride through the city, the small and agile motorcycle is also very suitable. There are matching PRO tail bags for the slim rear end, such as the PRO Roadpack with a volume of 8 to 14 liters, which matches the PRO tank bags very well in design.




Protection and riding comfort on the Trident 660

SW-MOTECH offers various solutions for the protection of the Triumph Trident: In particular, the robust crash bar made of black powder coated steel tube is ideal for protecting the bike from damage in the event of accidents and falls.

A more discreet option for engine protection are the frame crash pads, which are bolted to the bike at load-bearing attachment points. They blend in well with the overall look of the naked bike and can prevent potential damage to the engine in the event of a crash.

The front spoiler for the Trident 660's three-cylinder engine offers even more protection. Made of black powder-coated 2.5 millimeters thick aluminum sheet, it provides protection for the engine's manifold and underbody.





Wind screen Triumph Trident 660

More accessories for the Triumph Trident 660

For those who want to further customize their Trident, the following accessories are available from SW-MOTECH: The black windscreen looks good and deflects the airstream better on fast tracks. For the brake reservoir on the rear brake of the Trident 660, SW-MOTECH has developed a protection made of black anodized aluminum sheet with great attention to detail.

Other accessories for the Triumph naked bike such as lever guards, axle sliders or headlight guards can be found in the SW-MOTECH online store.

We would be pleased to receive a sample copy or link to any coverage of SW-MOTECH products you publish.

Here you can find a video about the Triumph Trident which you are welcome to include in your digital report.

A selection of accessories for the Triumph Trident 660:

BC.TRS.00.108.30000 PRO Daypack tank bag For PRO tank ring. black/grey.  5. 00-8. 00 l. 145.00 4052572182307
BC.TRS.00.110.30000 PRO Micro tank bag For PRO tank ring, Black/grey. 3. 00-5. 00 l. 110.00 4052572182345
BC.WPB.00.025.10000 PRO Cross WP strap tank bag EVA. Black. 5. 50 l. Waterproof. 130.00 4052572212806
BC.TRS.00.112.30000 PRO Enduro strap tank bag 1680D Ballistic Nylon. Black / grey. 12. 00 - 15. 00 l. 155.00 4052572182291
TRT.00.787.16100/B PRO tank ring For PRO tank bags. Black. 30.00 4052572197561
BC.HTA.11.740.31100 BLAZE H saddlebag set Includes 2 support arms. 2x 15,00-20,00 l. 360.00 4052572215272
BC.HTA.11.842.30000/B URBAN ABS side case system Includes 2 SLC side carriers. Black. 2 x 16,50 l. 480.00 4052572215319
BC.HTA.00.307.30000 PRO Roadpack tail bag 1680D Ballistic Nylon. Black/anthracite. 8. 00-14. 00 l. 130.00 4052572197356
BC.HTA.00.304.30000 PRO Rearbag tail bag 1680D Ballistic Nylon. Black/anthracite. 22. 00-34. 00 l. 210.00 4052572198070
BC.HTA.11.842.20000 Legend Gear side bag system LC Left LC1 (9. 8 l) / Right LC1 (9. 8 l). Incl. SLC side carrier. 500.00 4052572215302
HTA.11.842.10000 SLC side carrier left Steel. Black. 100.00 4052572215289
HTA.11.842.11000 SLC side carrier right Steel. Black. 100.00 4052572215296
SBL.11.842.10000/B Crash bar Steel. Black. 170.00 4052572215333
STP.11.590.10501/B Frame slider kit PA6 Ertalon/aluminum. Black/silver. 145.00 4052572227060
STP.11.176.10501/B Slider set for front axle PA6 Ertalon. Black. 60.00 4052572202067
STP.11.176.10700/B Slider set for rear axle PA6 Ertalon. Black. 65.00 4052572215357
MSS.11.842.10000/B Engine guard Black. Aluminum. 160.00 4052572216453
HPR.00.220.24800/B KOBRA Handguard Kit As a pair. Single-point attachment. As a pair. Black. 160.00 4052572216880
SCT.11.842.10000/B Windscreen Aluminum. Black. 140.00 4052572214718
SCT.11.842.10100/B Brake fluid reservoir guard Aluminum. Black. 35.00 4052572214732
LPS.11.842.10000/B Headlight guard With metal grid. Black. Steel. 100.00 4052572214701
LVG.11.842.11000/B Lever guards with wind protection As pair. Aluminum. Black 160.00 4052572217122

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