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SW-MOTECH supplies accessories for the Yamaha MT-09
Equipment for the top bike from Yamaha

SW-MOTECH supplies accessories for the Yamaha MT-09

Yamaha MT-07


Premium accessories without compromise

SW-MOTECH provides high-quality accessories: the German premium manufacturer, headquartered in Rauschenberg, Hessen, offers a wide range of products that match the MT-09's striking look and optimize everyday riding in many areas. Whether luggage solutions, protection parts or high-quality products from the category of safety, ergonomics or navigation - with precisely fitting add-on parts, the MT-09 can be individually expanded for all needs.

As if from a single mold - the PRO line for tank and tail

The combination of PRO tank bag and the PRO tank ring has been generating great enthusiasm throughout the motorcycle industry for over a year. Thanks to the Fidlock system's magnetic guide, attaching the bag is a simple task - one "click" and everything is in the right place. Five different PRO models are available for the MT-09, from 6 to 18 liters of storage space, there is something for all requirements and visual preferences.

Visually based on the potion backpacks, the PRO tail bags are the ideal solution for transporting luggage on the passenger seat. All five sizes can be used on the MT-09, from the small PRO Roadpack to the spacious PRO Travelbag.

The slim STREET-RACK expands the possibilities even further, because with the installation of an adapter plate, the PRO Rackpack tail bag can be easily looped onto it. All precisely fitting parts including mounting materials are available in the practical Rackpack set. The URBAN ABS top case with a capacity of 19.5 liters offers an attractive alternative for transporting luggage on the rear.



Less is more: luggage transport on the SLC carrier

The design concept of the MT-09 is obvious: leave out everything that is not absolutely necessary. The new exhaust system even disappears completely from the radar in the 2021 model year and hides under the bike. The model-specific SLC carriers for the MT-09 offer numerous options for clever luggage transport without massively compromising the lines of the naked bike.

The URBAN ABS side cases are sturdy, scratch-resistant and offer generous storage space with 16.5 liters. Thanks to the streamlined shape and low weight, the riding characteristics are only minimally affected, so for the MT-09 the compact cases are ideal for longer trips. The interior with padded lining is easily accessible and elastic cross-tension straps make it easy to stow the luggage.

Those who prefer the classic look can also attach the popular LEGEND GEAR saddlebags made of canvas material to the SLC carrier. The two variants LC1 and LC2 with 9.8 and 13.5 liters of luggage volume respectively are available for the MT-09.



Protection, safety and a better riding experience

To ensure that the MT-09 does not suffer any permanent damage in the event of a crash, SW-MOTECH offers numerous protective products. The robust steel crash bar, with tube diameters of 22 and 27 millimeters, provides reliable protection for the engine block. The side crash bars are attached directly to the original frame, and the black powder coating protects the construction from corrosion and scratches.

Especially for the MT-09 SW-MOTECH develops a high-quality front spoiler made of aluminum sheet, which can provide protection against stones and in the event of accidental contact with the ground. The black aluminum windshield adds a special touch to the look of the naked bike. It replaces the original plastic front and easily mounts to the original fairing brackets.

The side stand foot extension made of milled aluminum and stainless steel ensures the MT-09 stands securely even on uneven ground, while mirror extensions and the Universal GPS Kit make for even more relaxed riding.



All products for the Yamaha MT-09 are listed in the SW-MOTECH webshop. Crash bars and front spoiler are not available until early 2022 due to production and delivery bottlenecks.

In case of publication we would be pleased to receive a voucher copy or the link to the article.

Here you will find a video about the MT-09, which you are welcome to include in your press report online.

A selection of accessories for the MT-09

GPS.00.308.30301/B Universal GPS mount kit Incl. 1" ball, clamp arm, GPS mount. 50.00 4052572036730
BC.TRS.00.108.30000 PRO Daypack tank bag For PRO tank ring. QUICK-LOCK.  1680D Ballistic Nylon. black/grey. 5.00-8.00 l. 140.00 4052572182307
BC.TRS.00.110.30000 PRO Micro tank bag For PRO tank ring, QUICK-LOCK. 1680D Ballistic Nylon. black/grey. 3.00-5.00 l. 100.00 4052572182345
TRT.00.787.11000/B PRO tank ring For PRO tank bags. QUICK-LOCK. black. For filler necks with 5 screws. 30.00 4052572189061
BC.HTA.06.861.30000/B URBAN ABS side case system Incl. 2 SLC side carriers. ABS plastic. black. 2 x 16,50 l. 460.00 4052572051078
BC.HTA.00.301.30000 PRO Travelbag tail bag 1680D Ballistic Nylon. black/anthracite. 65.00 l. 295.00 4052572206775
BC.HTA.00.307.30000 PRO Roadpack tail bag 1680D Ballistic Nylon. black/anthracite. 8.00-14.00 l. 130.00 4052572197356
GPT.06.851.30000 Rackpack set PRO Rackpack set with PRO Rackpack tail bag, STREET-RACK black. price tba 4052572217009
BC.HTA.00.677.22000/B URBAN ABS top case Lashing variant. With foam rubber floor insert. ABS plastic. black. 16.00 - 29.00 l. 180.00 4052572055182
GPT.06.851.16000/B STREET-RACK Without adapter. Aluminum. black. price tba 4052572051375
BC.HTA.00.401.10100L Legend Gear side bag LC1 For SLC left side carrier. black/brown. 9.80 l. Quick-release fastener. 150.00 4052572034187
BC.HTA.00.401.10100R Legend Gear side bag LC1 For SLC right side carrier. black/brown. 9.80 l. Quick-release fastener. 150.00 4052572034194
BC.HTA.00.402.10100L Legend Gear side bag LC2 For SLC left side carrier. black/brown. 13.50 l. Quick-release fastener. 165.00 4052572034217
BC.HTA.00.402.10100R Legend Gear side bag LC2 For SLC right side carrier. black/brown. 13.50 l. Quick-release fastener. 165.00 4052572034224
HTA.06.851.10000 SLC side carrier left Steel. black. 90.00 4052572214008
HTA.06.851.11000 SLC side carrier right Steel. black. 90.00 4052572214015
SBL.06.851.10000/B Crash bar Steel. black. price tba 4052572041796
STP.06.176.10701/B Slider set for front axle PA6 Ertalon. black. 65.00 4052572201886
STP.06.176.11200/B Slider set for rear axle PA6 Ertalon. black. 70.00 4052572216354
MSS.06.599.10100 Engine case protector Aluminum. silver/black. Does not work with alternator cover guard. 140.00 4052572037614
MSS.06.851.10000/B Front spoiler black. Aluminum price tba 4052572215579
SCT.06.851.10000/B Windscreen Aluminum. black. price tba 4052572215586
SVL.00.504.10100/B Mirror extension For mirror thread. Max. shift: 40 mm Aluminum. black. 50.00 4052572042878

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