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Accessories for the new Kawasaki Z650RS
The new motorcycle in retro design: the Kawasaki Z650RS.

Accessories for the new Kawasaki Z650RS

Kawasaki Z 650 RS SW-MOTECH

The new motorcycle in retro design: the Kawasaki Z650RS. With typical retro elements, such as the classic suspension fork and the analog round instruments, in combination with the multifunction LC display, the RS version also comes with modern elements.

SW-MOTECH equips the Kawasaki Z650RS with an extensive accessory package and offers you the possibility to equip the bike for different applications in a high-quality way.

Tank bags - the selection is large

Whether it's a relaxed day ride or a trip lasting several weeks: SW-MOTECH tank bags are a loyal companion. The range extends from the PRO tank ring to a magnetic solution to strap mounting:

Various models such as the PRO Micro and the PRO Daypack can be attached to the PRO tank ring. The steel tank of the Z 650 RS provides firm support for the PRO Daypack magnetic tank bag or the LT1 model from the Legend Gear series.

For strap mounting, the LT2 is available from the Legend Gear series. From the PRO series, both the waterproof PRO Enduro WP and the PRO Enduro can be used.

Luggage with or without carrier system?

The Legend Gear LC2 side panniers made of robust Napalon synthetic leather and waxed canvas fabric with water-repellent PU coating can be easily attached to the SLC side carrier in just a few steps and blend harmoniously into the overall look of the Z650RS.

Alternatively, you can also mount the SysBag WP S and M side panniers and the URBAN ABS side cases.

With an additional PRO or Legend Gear tail bag, the equipment is complete. The rear bags are perfect for commuting or for the longer trip. Another option for transporting luggage at the rear is the URBAN ABS top case, which is attached to the STREET-RACK with a quick-release fastener.

Protection & Ergonomics

To protect the Kawasaki from damage caused by crashes or overturns, SW-MOTECH develops numerous protective products for the Z60RS. In addition to model-specific crash bars, axle and frame crash pads are also available. EVO footrests, foot brake levers and gear levers made of high-quality and robust material provide an ergonomic advantage for every rider thanks to the individual adjustment options.

We would be pleased to receive a sample copy or link to any coverage of SW-MOTECH products you publish.

Here you can find a video about the Kawasaki Z650RS, which you are welcome to include in your digital report.

A selection of accessories for the Kawasaki Z650RS

FBL.08.866.10000 Brake pedal   170.00 4052572229903
BC.TRS.00.108.30000 PRO Daypack tank bag For PRO tank ring. black/grey.  5. 00-8. 00 l. 150.00 4052572182307
BC.WPB.00.025.10000 PRO Cross WP strap tank bag EVA. Black. 5. 50 l. Waterproof. 130.00 4052572212806
TRT.00.787.32100/B PRO tank ring For PRO tank bags. QUICK-LOCK. Black. Price tba  
BC.HTA.08.993.30000/B URBAN ABS side case system Incl. 2 SLC side carriers. 2x URBAN ABS Side cases left. 480.00 4052572229392
BC.HTA.00.304.30000 PRO Rearbag tail bag 1680D ballistic nylon. Black/anthracite. 22. 00-34. 00 l. 220.00 4052572198070
BC.HTA.00.306.30000 PRO Cargobag tail bag 1680D ballistic nylon. Black/anthracite. 50. 00 l. 190.00 4052572198193
GPT.08.993.30000 Rackpack Set PRO Rackpack set with PRO Rackpack tail bag, STREET-RACK black. 420.00 4052572229422
GPT.08.993.60000/B URBAN ABS topcase system Incl. STREET-RACK. Polyester. Black. 16,00-29,00 l. 300.00 4052572229439
GPT.08.993.16000/B STREET-RACK Without adapter. Aluminum. Black. 170.00 4052572229415
BC.HTA.08.993.20000 Legend Gear side bag system LC Left LC2 (13. 5 l) / Right LC2 (13. 5 l). Incl. SLC side carrier. 520.00 4052572232972
HTA.08.993.10000 SLC side carrier left Steel. Black. 90.00 4052572229378
HTA.08.993.11000 SLC side carrier right Steel. Black. 90.00 4052572229385
BC.TRS.00.401.10000 Legend Gear magnetic tank bag LT1 Magnetic holder. Water resistant. Canvas. Black/Brown. 3. 00-5. 50 l. 100.00 4052572034378
BC.SYS.08.993.31000/B SysBag WP M/M system Incl. 2 SLC side carriers. 2 adapter plates, 2 SysBag WP M, black, EVA. 600.00 4052572231241
SBL.08.866.10000/B Crash bar Steel. Black. 220.00 4052572042274
STP.08.590.11300/B Frame slider kit PA6 Ertalon/Aluminum. Black/silver. 140.00 4052572041987
STP.08.176.10801/B Slider set for front axle PA6 Ertalon. Black. 55.00 4052572202036
SCT.08.993.10000/B Heel guard Aluminum. Black. Price tba 4052572229972
STS.08.866.10000 Extension for side stand foot Black/silver. Aluminum/Stainless steel. 55.00 4052572042281
MIR.00.850.11400 Mirror Set Sport Long. M10x1. 25. 250.00 4052572223192
MIR.00.850.10400 Mirror Set Sport Short. M10x1. 25. 250.00 4052572223116
FRS.08.112.10102 EVO footrest kit Stainless steel. Silver/black. 145.00 4052572045060
FSC.08.866.10000 Gear lever Aluminum. Black/silver. Steplessly adjustable. Price tba 4052572232439

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